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gt; Stegomyia aegypti: A highly anthropophilic, daytime biting mosquito species and principal vector of dengue in Southeast Asia including India where it was responsible for major epidemics Gubler and Kuno (42), WHO,SEARO (43),.
gt; Stegomyia albopicta :It is typically rural dengue vector and causing mild or asymptomatic dengue virus infection in humans Haweley (46).
During the outbreak of 2000, a successful attempt was made to detect DENV infection in Stegomyia aegypti larvae collected from nature in Pompeu city, Minas Gerais state, Brazil.
togoi are distributed on all three linkage groups of the Stegomyia and on two linkage groups of the Protornacleaya (fig.
Haemagogus Williston, Ochlerotatus Lynch Arribalzaga, Onirion Harbach & Peyton, Orthopodomyia Theobald, Psorophora Robineau-Desvoidy, Sabethes Robineau-Desvoidy, Stegomyia Theobald, Toxorhynchites Theobald are reported.
griseus in the presence of different mosquito species (n = 3 observations) Responses Mosquito larvae selected Stegomyia Anopheles aegypti subpictus Predatory efficiency 8 [+ or -] 0.
The vector was identified in different articles as Stegomyia fasciata mosquitoes, an old name for Ae.
vexans mosquitoes of the subgenus Aedimorphus are commonly captured on the northern Colorado Front Range, and known tropical ZIKV vectors are mostly from the subgenus Stegomyia (4).
Natural vertical transmission by Stegomyia albopicta as dengue vector in Brazil.
DENV is transmitted to humans by Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aegypti) mosquitoes.