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Unlike many other mosquito species, which will lay their eggs in any standing water, it was discovered that the Stegomyia females would lay their eggs only in clear water very near to humans.
Gorgas initiated a house-to-house, building-by-building, street-by-street inspection and eradication program that involved fumigation and covering or emptying all water jars, cisterns, rain barrels, buckets, cans--anything that would collect water and provide a place for the Stegomyia to lay their eggs.
Yellow fever was quickly brought under control as the Stegomyia and its breeding places were eradicated.
So, while Gorgas' sanitation teams gathered detailed information on Stegomyia concentrations for their campaign against yellow fever, they also began building a comprehensive database on Anopheles concentrations and habits as well.
Murphy had successfully carried out Gorgas' Stegomyia eradication program in the Canal Zone, leading a sanitary brigade of 400 men who methodically fumigated buildings and rid the area of the water sources that provided the mosquito breeding grounds.
In addition to confirmation of Stegomyia mosquitoes as the vector and lifelong immunity against DF, the scientists claimed that they also had produced an efficient vaccine; however, it was not to be used commercially.