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X-ray shows that the left calcaneus was almost completely reduced with two Steinmann pins.
The reduction was maintained by Steinmann pins and immobilisation in a cylinder cast for 12 weeks.
If the patient is less than approximately 6 months of age, the exuberant callus expected will compensate considerably for the lack of rotational stability and simple Steinmann pin fixation would be adequate (Brinker et al., 2006).
(3) The third method is skeletal traction [8]: using a Steinmann pin with hoop or external fixator attached to the traction table.
Among the internal fixation methods intramedullary fixation with K-wire or Steinmann pin do not control rotation and have low resistance to torque, carry risk of pin loosening and infection, so they require longer period of immobilisation till union.
A 2.8-mm (7/64-in) Steinmann pin (Steinmann intramedullary pin, IMEX Veterinary Inc, Longview, TX, USA) was inserted through the end of 1 plastic tube, through the plastic plug, and driven to the middle of the second plastic tube section.
The KMedic K-Wire and Steinmann Pin Sterilization Case is designed to provide easy access and identification of 4", 6", and 9" K-Wires and Steinmann pins in popular diameter sizes.
[10] describe inserting the sharp end of an appropriately sized Steinmann pin within the drain lumen to cut the suture holding the drain in place.