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STEP-FATHER. In Latin vitricus, is the husband of one's mother who is not the father of the person spoken of.

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Her mother had died in December 1887, leaving her with two step-siblings and her step-father.
Charles Geekie QC, for Swansea, said the family judge was "plainly wrong in refusing to find sexually inappropriate behaviour", noting that the step-father had admitted sharing a bed with the teen "on more than one occasion".
The child's mother and step-father should have been handed the death penalty and the professionals who failed him should be jailed.
Giving evidence at Newcastle Crown Court, Hodgson said he could not give a reason why he stabbed his step-father in the chest and abdomen, but added he had felt belittled.
Yesterday the teenage fraudster appeared at Teesside Youth Court - where it emerged he was known to the Clarke family - flanked by his step-father to be sentenced for the six charges of fraud by false representation he had pleaded guilty to at an earlier hearing.
The club raised the money in memory of team sponsor Ian Gibson, who was also Nicola's step-father.
Precisely such families, including the role of the step-father, step-mother, step-son and step-daughter, experience the greatest difficulties during the formation of the new family system.
Later on in the same day, at around 2pm, his step-father found him unconscious in his bed and he was then taken by ambulance to the Limassol General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Mr Dyaswas always alone when neighbours saw him and they never saw anybody coming or going at the flat, which his mother and step-father had lived in before they died.
Summary: Khyra Ishaq's mother and step-father have been convicted of manslaughter at Birmingham Crown Court.
In a herky-jerky style, the various events and experiences in the lives of Spooner, his mother and step-father and his siblings are recounted.
Together with a third man, who is the woman's step-father, they deny a total of 22 sex charges against her.