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STEP-FATHER. In Latin vitricus, is the husband of one's mother who is not the father of the person spoken of.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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His step-father reportedly told the doctors that the child fell in the washroom while bathing.
Devoted husband to Veronica, adoring father and step-father to all of his children, grandchildren and grjohn to his great grandchildren.
Davies had also been warned minutes before the crash by Lee's step-father not to drive.
The step-father was cleared of abusing the girl by the judge at Swansea County Court after he claimed he got into bed with her when she was feeling ill and lonely, and let her shave him as part of a "makeover".
The High Court issued a statement on Wednesday saying the girl, whose step-father is on trial for raping her, had been wrongly convicted by a juvenile court of having pre-marital sex with another man.
I REMEMBER the case of Maria Colwell who was killed by her step-father 40 years ago when she was just seven.
The girl was allegedly abused since she was 12 by her step-father, who reportedly exploited the absence of his wife at home when she went out on errands.
Husband of the late Pauline, Father of Timothy and the late Alison, Step-Father of Susan and David, Grandfather.
Precisely such families, including the role of the step-father, step-mother, step-son and step-daughter, experience the greatest difficulties during the formation of the new family system.
The victim's friends then took him to his step-father's house where his wounds were cleaned.
Summary: Khyra Ishaq's mother and step-father have been convicted of manslaughter at Birmingham Crown Court.
It recounts the lives of Spooner and his family, and his step-father, especially the relationship between the two men.