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STEP-MOTHER. In Latin noverca, is the wife of one's father, who is not the mother of the person spoken of.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Miss Blanche--taking no notice of her step-mother's reproof, or of her uncle's commentary on it--pointed to a table on which croquet mallets and balls were laid ready, and recalled the attention of the company to the matter in hand.
Courted by my step-mother, who regards him as the epitome of human wisdom; admired by my father, who says he has never before heard such sublime ideas so eloquently expressed; idolized by Edward, who, notwithstanding his fear of the count's large black eyes, runs to meet him the moment he arrives, and opens his hand, in which he is sure to find some delightful present, -- M.
He meets Albert de Morcerf in Italy -- it is to rescue him from the hands of the banditti; he introduces himself to Madame Danglars -- it is that he may give her a royal present; your step-mother and her son pass before his door -- it is that his Nubian may save them from destruction.
He will come in that day and He will ask: 'Where is the daughter who gave herself for her cross, consumptive step-mother and for the little children of another?
In the meantime the wicked step-mother was waiting at home for news of the girl's death, and preparing pancakes for the funeral feast.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 5 (ANI): Asserting that Kashmir has always treated Ladakh as a step-mother, BJP MP from Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal said that citizens of Ladakh have welcomed the central government's decision to announce Ladakh as Union Territory without a legislature.
It may look unfair to put the blame of disclosure fully on your step-mother.There are many times parents fail to disclose certain information to their children due to the fear of victimization, fear of the unknown, or pride.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led government denigrated foreign investment, he said, adding that that the rulers were behaving like a step-mother to the people of Pakistan, especially the people of Sindh.
He killed his step-mother and two uncles before he committed suicide.
Hangu -- The police Friday, in a successful raid, arrested a killer who shot dead his step-mother over a domestic dispute on Thursday night.
The loving wife of Stephen, cherished mother of Mary, David, Rachel and families, and dear step-mother of Michelle, Andrea and families.
The opera, according to a previous statement by Hawas, recites the historical timeline of the young pharaoh, since he was a little child who was born and raised by his step-mother Nefertiti.