step aside

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A CRIME tsar being investigated over expenses claims has temporarily stepped aside with immediate effect.
Balasubramanian) were appointed by the BCCI after I had stepped aside, I had nothing to do with the committee.
Fr Simon Tibbs, 41, of St Faith's Church, Great Crosby, has stepped aside after the Bishop of Warrington instigated an "Episcopal Visitation" over the situation.
Srinivasan, who stepped aside after the IPL spot-fixing scandal, has .
Fr Sean Cahill had been working at St Malachy's Church, Castlewellan, Co Down, when he voluntarily stepped aside last year while police investigated.
Tunisia's President Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali stepped aside
In the heartbreaking ending--the first time any of the performers left the stage--the dancers lined up and the first two stepped aside to let the third depart; variations repeated until all had exited, leaving a blue void.
So important was the Aon lease perceived to the health of the downtown market that the New York City Office of the Comptroller, which already was close to a deal for the space at 199 Water Street, stepped aside to facilitate the transaction.
When police asked him to move 15 minutes later, he calmly stepped aside.
Chavez stepped aside under pressure from Bush's political team, according to three Republican officials involved in the case.
has graciously stepped aside as an Alfa Director effective July 1, 2005 to create a vacancy for Mr.
According to brokers involved in the deal, the Office of the Comptroller stepped aside willingly in order to facilitate the transaction, which will give Aon a strong presence downtown and contribute to the ongoing resurgence of the area's office market.