step aside

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Nioche had stepped aside on his daughter's approach, and he stood there, within a very small compass, looking down hard at the ground.
Julian stepped aside (with his aunt's eyes angrily following him) and spoke to the police officer.
The housekeeper -- dressed to perfection, as usual, in a quiet, lavender-colored summer gown, a black mantilla, an unassuming straw bonnet, and a crisp blue veil -- escorted her invalid master with the tenderest attention; sometimes directing his notice respectfully to the various objects of the sea view; sometimes bending her head in graceful acknowledgment of the courtesy of passing strangers on the Parade, who stepped aside to let the invalid pass by.
Daylight grinned, stepped aside to the roulette-table, and bought a stack of yellow chips.
Emily stepped aside for a minute to give some directions about her luggage.
Thus, they had toiled along the dusty road, taking little heed of any object within sight, save when they stepped aside to allow a wider passage for the mail-coaches which were whirling out of town, until they passed through Highgate archway; when the foremost traveller stopped and called impatiently to his companion,
Then, while those so chosen ran leaping, full of joy, to arm themselves with bow and shaft and broadsword, Robin Hood stepped aside into the covert, and there donned a gay, beribboned coat such as might have been worn by some strolling minstrel, and slung a harp across his shoulder, the better to carry out that part.
Bert, the trouble-seeker, pricked his ears to the muffled sound of blows and sobs, and stepped aside to investigate.
Ham- mering each other -- for we stepped aside and looked on while they rolled, and struggled, and gouged, and pounded, and bit, with the strict and wordless attention to business of so many bulldogs.
He stepped aside then and another emerged from the corridor hidden by the arras.
They stepped aside, and he whizzed by, arms and legs going like mad, with the general appearance of a runaway engine.
As he passed St Paul's he stepped aside into a doorway to set his watch, and with his hand on the key and his eye on the cathedral dial, was intent upon so doing, when a man suddenly stopped before him.