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STERE. A French measure of solidity used in measuring wood. It is a cubic metre. Vide Measure.

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According to Stere, the refusal of an administrative organisation that revolves around the province,--a historical formation, with a "secular past of a special life", with particular mentalities, habits, cultural and economic conditions, which forms a well-defined unit--is the reflection of a non-democratic governing concept:
But it is very efficient and you suddenly find yourself confronted with a myriad of images about black history, white prejudice and stere otyping.
Photo: (1) Pat Bradbury, left, Karyne Berson and Stere Arau appear to subscribe to the motto at Weber's in Reseda: If you can't yell and scream, don't come here.
My dere brother and syster, yyf thow wylt holde the in gostly relygyoun and be in rest of soule and in swetnesse of herte, hold the witinne and steke thy yates and so warly kepe the wardes of thi cloyster that non uttere fondyngus no innere mowe have any entre to make thi cylence to breke or stere the to synne.
The political and socio-economical ideas of the Peasant Party, known as "the peasant's doctrine" or "the peasant doctrine", first conceived by Constantin Stere, borrowed the sociological analysis of social, political and economical facts from the socialist movement.
Stere - Autumn and Edward Stere, of Cottage Grove, a daughter.
The Netherlands, ``Long Live the Queen,'' director Esme Lammers; Norway, ``The Other Side of Sunday,'' director Berit Otto Nesheim; the Philippines, ``Dead Sure,'' director Tikoy Aguiluz; Poland, ``In Full Gallop,'' Krzysztof Zanussi; Romania, ``State of Things,'' director Stere Gulea; Russia, ``Prisoner of the Mountains,'' director Serguei Bodrov; Slovenia, ``Felix,'' director Bozo Sprajc; Spain, ``Bwana,'' director Imanol Uribe; Sweden, ``Jerusalem,'' director Bille August; Switzerland, ``Les Agneaux, director Marcel Schupbach; Taiwan, ``Tonight Nobody Goes Home,'' director Sylvia Chang; Vietnam, ``Gone, Gone, Forever Gone,'' director Ho Quang Minh; Yugoslavia, ``Pretty Village, Pretty Flame,'' director Srdjan Dragojevic.
Spere pi nase fro smellyng pat it dely te no t to fele in swyche smellyng pat may stere pe to synne.