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During Gudrun's time with Stille Hilfe the group has eased the way into society for many Nazi war criminals, including Klaus Barbie, the Gestapo Butcher of Lyon, and Erich Priebke, SS murderer of Italian partisans.
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The man who translated Stille Nacht into Silent Night was John Freeman Young.
Wallis en Futuna (Franse grondgebied in die Stille Oseaan)
We aim to present to the big tourist market of the world the best projects of tourist zones from Stille Cape, in St.
Thanks to a global distribution agreement with the Swedish manufacturer Stille, Ziehm Imaging is presenting a package solution for hybrid ORs (an all-purpose cardiovascular procedural suite) for the first time, it added.
Similarly, Alexander Stille, the author of "Benevolence and Betrayal," which documented the lives of Jews in Fascist Italy, wrote: "Although there are instances of Jews making compromises with fascism elsewhere in Europe, these were isolated cases of personal opportunism, of private pacts with the devil.
At a meeting with Brazilian Ambassador to Jordan Renate Stille, Minister of Agriculture Ahmed Al Khattab said it was important for Brazilian authorities to brief the ministry on measures taken to prevent future cases.
Among the sites hit is a villa on Stille Strasse, the home of despised Stasi secret police chief Erich Mielke in the 1950s and now a beloved gathering place for some 300 pensioners to play chess, learn English, dance and socialize.
5, the contribution of Cummins, Mirza, and Stille provides a retrospective of Cummins' major theoretical insights and extends into current work on the importance of identity texts and identity construction.
Palmstrom, with a Norwegian company, and Stille (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) provide descriptions of rockmasses, with illustrations, in order to strengthen the link between engineering geology--which collects characteristics of the site condition--and rock mechanics--which collects relevant and sufficient information on the ground then selects appropriate rock engineering tools to design the tunnel or other opening being planned.
95) by Mark Stille provides a powerful story of the British and German battleships of two great fleets.