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STIRPES, descents. The root, stem, or stock of a tree. Figuratively, it signifies, in law, that person from whom a family is descended, and also the kindred or family.
     2. It is chiefly used in estimating the several interests of the different kindred, in the distribution of an intestate's estate. 2 Bl. Com. 517 and vide Descent; Line.

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The policyholder names a class of beneficiaries per capita or per stirpes.
The Primary Beneficiary of the policy shall be as follows: The proceeds subject to this designation shall be divided into shares, per stirpes, for such of my descendants as survive me, and each share shall be disposed of as provided in Article 4 of my [name of trust], to be added to and disposed of as a part thereof.
descendants of collateral kindred per stirpes has a certain element
Deirdre Stirpe, co-owner of Crumb Together, a new cookie and coffee shop in downtown Eugene, said she and her husband, Tony, had planned to launch the business months ago, but one small detail stood in the way.
The rules related to heirs per stirpes apply if an author predeceases the exercise of his or her right of notice of termination.
Patients and providers of all stirpes participate, network, listen to speakers, mingle with exhibitors.
Genera Italica ordinis Dipterorum ordinatim disposita et distincta et in familias et stirpes aggregata.
A per stirpes (by the branches) distribution means that the distribution is first divided among the class--including a share for any predeceased member that is then split among that member's children.
If bequests are to be by "representation," or "per stirpes by representation," which is the default for testamentary documents if they are silent, then assets are divided equally among the beneficiaries at each generational level.
Upon my wife's death, such property shall be distributed to such of my issue and spouses of my issue as she shall appoint by an instrument other than a will making specific reference to this power; and if she shall make no effective appointment, then in equal shares to my children, the issue of any such child who is not then living to take their parent's share, per stirpes.