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He asked delegates to trust Stephen Byers' recent commitment that the Government would meet its 2010 target for improving housing stock with or without stock transfer.
Having established that the stock transfers lacked economic substance, the court concluded that the transferor/father was the "real owner" of all of the stock in the corporation and, therefore, all income attributable to it was properly attributed to him alone.
367(a)-3(d)(1)(v), a transfer of assets to a foreign corporation pursuant to section 368(a)(l)(C), followed by a drop-down of assets to a subsidiary of the transferee -- which had previously been treated as an asset transfer under section 367(b) -- is now treated as an indirect stock transfer under section 367(a).
For more information, visit the Bank's Stock Transfer website at www.
Thus, outbound stock transfers generally would not be subjec to gain recognition under section 367(a) if the GRA requirements were satisfied.
Kamback, senior vice president of The Bank of New York's Stock Transfer Division, said, "Our success can be directly attributed to our ability to deliver optimum solutions to our clients.
Crawford, the new chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer, stated that funds are being provided to bring the corporate financial statements current, to make the necessary filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and to effect stock transfers through Northwest Stock Transfer.