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As the "pump and dump" stock manipulation scheme continued, the LCN families involved allegedly took control of two branches of the trading company and tried to expand the scheme to include other small-cap companies.
Lee's claim that he had not been involved in a stock manipulation case.
Just days before the vote, the parliament voted to authorise an independent counsel investigation into Mr Lee in a stock manipulation case where prosecutors had already cleared him of wrongdoing.
As the Supreme Court considers this issue, the Court will have before it AAJ's brief in support of those whose savings and retirement plans may be wiped out by stock manipulation.
Instead, in almost every instance, the new owners of these oil companies simply took control of already existing state companies and did it through intimidation, legal and stock manipulation, and abuse of laws that at best were imperfectly crafted.
a national craze to get rich on the stock market, combined with unregulated stock manipulation by businessmen, caused the market to surge and then collapse in the great Wall Street crash of October 1929.
A director tells of press release misrepresentation, CEO stock manipulation and illegal-issuer bids in this case, which was widely covered by the Canadian press.
This got me thinking about my history undergrad and my introduction to stock manipulation -- the South Sea Bubble of 1720, which precipitated the first great stock market crash.
Prosecutors in Munich bring stock manipulation charges against Thomas and Florian Haffa, the former head and former CFO of the once-high-flying EM.
The former head of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) testified Wednesday in the impeachment trial of President Joseph Estrada that the president called him several times to pressure him to clear a friend linked to a stock manipulation scandal being investigated then.
Causes of dissonance range from the benign to the extreme with stock manipulation and take-over rumors examples of the latter.