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Defendant in SEC Enforcement Action Indicted for Orchestrating $30 Million Stock Manipulation Scheme
As the "pump and dump" stock manipulation scheme continued, the LCN families involved allegedly took control of two branches of the trading company and tried to expand the scheme to include other small-cap companies.
We need controls on oil speculation just like we do on other stock manipulation.
Frenkel's 26 years practicing law includes 14 years as a prosecutor, serving as an Assistant District Attorney in New Orleans, senior counsel in the Division of Enforcement of the SEC at its Washington headquarters where he specialized in stock manipulation and financial fraud cases and a federal criminal prosecutor in federal securities law-related and public corruption cases for the Office of Independent Counsel, in re Secretary of Agriculture Espy.
Reports yesterday however, suggested the tweet could have violated the rules for insider trading or stock manipulation and that an SEC investigation could follow.
Head of Union Holdings, others arrested for alleged stock manipulation
According to findings from a report released in March by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Vienna, Virginia, suspected perpetrators of mortgage loan fraud could also be involved in other financial crimes, including check fraud, money laundering and stock manipulation.
Accusations of stock manipulation date back to Viv U's plunging share price from 2000.
CHINA'S largest appliances retailer, Gome Electrical Appliances Holdings, has suspended its founder and chairman, tycoon Wong Kwong-yu, citing his inability to perform his duties because of an investigation into alleged economic crimes - stock manipulation and other offences.
Lee's claim that he had not been involved in a stock manipulation case.
The election was rocked by parliament's passage of a bill Monday to reopen an investigation into the allegations of Lee Myung Bak's involvement in a 2001 stock manipulation and embezzlement scandal involving his former business partner Kim Kyung Joon.
Just days before the vote, the parliament voted to authorise an independent counsel investigation into Mr Lee in a stock manipulation case where prosecutors had already cleared him of wrongdoing.