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I define a stock phrase as one that recurs in many wangga texts.
For years it was a stock phrase of the Religious Right, recited frequently by men such as Pat Robertson and his shock troops.
Teresa: We give our students a stock phrase when they don't know the answer to a judge's questions: "My research didn't give me that information, but I do know.
Best quote Highly commended: Many supporters nominated Lambert's stock phrase of 'We go again' for this category, while Lerner's 'I feel further that now is the time for me to look for new ownership and thus new leadership' was also mentioned.
And you can see his point - it's a stock phrase that is unnecessarily abstruse.
He found himself Number 1 in a list of the 50 Worst Mistakes in Business and "Doing a Ratner" became a stock phrase for putting your foot in it, big style.
This in my view is Labour rhetoric straight out of the anti-Tory stock phrase book.
But maybe Mr Kay should have defended his position with a stock phrase from another popular BBC quiz: "I've started so I'll finish.
This stock phrase from Professor Yaffle-lookalike Arsene Wenger is used every time one his players makes a horror challenge or disappears at half time.
It's a stock phrase, but on closer inspection it may actually be a genuine response.
The new Mario Balotelli might be a tired epithet but as a stock phrase denoting possible controversy, it might not be that far off the mark.