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Using the freed Roman slave Epictetus as his philosophical guide--much as Dante used Virgil as his conductor through Paradise, Purgatory, and Inferno--Pigliucci begins with the Stoic "dichotomy of control.
This was apparently a very Stoic thing to do as few outside forces can beat us up like our own pain, shame or self judgement.
Let us turn now to the Stoic account and consider the Stoic answers to these same questions.
Epictetus (55-135 CE) encapsulated a central feature of Stoic theory: "Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view they take of them" [4].
9) To understand the Stoic theory of motivation, it is helpful to consider in more detail the Socratic view on which Frede thought it was modeled.
The nature of the soul provides the foundation for Stoic individual ethics.
However he also suggests a second, more plausible proposal: the stoic pragmatist will ideally "put off the moment [of death] until our ebbing energy gets us ready" (61).
But this is another way of saying that in Lucan's view, heroism became a moral and spiritual concept, and was to be found in the figure of the sophos or sapiens (the wise man), the anthropological ideal of the Stoic school.
Unless I say otherwise, when I say 'god' in this work, I mean the great Stoic god, the active principle who runs the whole cosmos and is, in some ways, like the Gods of more recent monotheisms.
The borrowings in early Christian texts which they analyze range from substantive agreement to thorough reconceptualization to the purely cosmetic application of Stoic ethics and physics.
Sherman's portrayal of soldiers' struggles against the backdrop of the Stoic philosophy of Aristotle, Epictetus, and Seneca is captivating.
There are few better trainers than Noseda when it comes to the big handicaps, as Forgotten Voice and Laddies Poker Two have proved in recent seasons, and Stoic could well add to the list.