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ISLAMABAD, August 31, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League (JKPFL), Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, while condemning the assertion of National Conference President, Farooq Abdullah on the current mode of the Kashmirs struggle for freedom has said that only a stone-hearted man can be blind to so much innocent blood in the streets of occupied Kashmir.
On their refusal, the stone-hearted accused killed both the girls and abandoned their bodies in a deserted place," the grief-stricken man said.
The tiny railway station at Astapovo provides a suitably cold setting for the characters' final moments together, when Sofya's frustrations with Sasha boil over - "You are a stone-hearted bitch.
But even the most stone-hearted senators grudgingly gave Terri's family one last gasp at life for their daughter and sister.
These well-heeled elected officials rarely miss an opportunity to hike their own pay, but they're stone-hearted cheapskates when it comes to their constituents at the bottom end of the economic ladder - people who work for the federal minimum wage.
The catalogue of adversity is boundless, but the day I took on the daunting Grand National fences of Aintree should strike a similarly sympathetic chord with even the most stone-hearted racegoers, or bookmakers as they're commonly known.
And only the stone-hearted could deny that the pint-sized crowd-pleaser's tears at Elland Road in 1997 and his gleeful dance of victory at Cardiff showed he cared deeply in a way so many players do not.
Driving past, only the stone-hearted can resist pulling over to hoist them--cool, hefty, and smooth--off the ground.
But it was difficult to remain stone-hearted in such a beautiful surrounding.
The sculpture itself seemed to emit an invisible mist of sorrow that only the stone-hearted could have failed to breathe in.
The accused's mother gave the court a different view of the man prosecutors had described as a stone-hearted killer.
But beyond its stone-hearted immorality, the prerequisites argument vastly exaggerates the calculability of politics.