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In this book I am going to tell you about a few of our greatest story-tellers and their books.
I shall feel more at ease when we have our story-teller here safe under lock and key.
In this position his duty would be partly to perform various humble work in the household, partly also to help amuse the leisure of the inmates, and it is easy to suppose that he soon won favor as a fluent story-teller.
Nevertheless, there must be some ground for the imagination of the story-tellers.
That is not what story-tellers like," answered Grandfather, smiling.
Those, I said, which are narrated by Homer and Hesiod, and the rest of the poets, who have ever been the great story-tellers of mankind.
The One-Eyed Bagman is a story-teller in which novel by Charles Dickens?
The privilege I have of being able to earn my living as an actor and story-teller is made, however, even more pleasing when I feel am also able to give something back.
And the 72-year-old author does prove his capacity as a master story-teller not only as he spoke about the lessons he had learned in his lifetime, but it got better as he enacted each of those moments out to a captivated audience.
There will be a falconry show, while children can be a prince or princess for the day, dress up in costumes, listen to a story-teller and try out sword-fighting, juggling and archery.
fitting testament to Crichton, whose ability as a story-teller is going to be sadly missed by fans of science fiction around the world.
And we're starting our collection off with Starring Tracy Beaker, followed by The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch, The Monster Story-Teller, Cliffhanger, Buried Alive