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Features include a dramatic story-telling by reading captions like a karaoke, ability to keep user's own story-telling and music as a memoir, and story-telling by Kimberly Forsythe and Yuki Rhinehart.
Newcastle's Seven Stories is set to welcome youngsters from across the region to its live story-telling sessions.
Children relived Qatari traditions through story-telling sessions and a puppet show organised by Ezdan Mall on Friday.
Dubai: There will be free story-telling sessions for children during the summer holiday by leading authors and literary enthusiasts.
If I have to hold their attention for one hour I better become friends with them," said Gandhi, who is about to conduct a story-telling session with them.
From October 3 children will be treated to a series of free story-telling sessions by a variety of much-loved characters.
A few weeks ago we "oldies" were invited to a story-telling session in the ruins of St Mary's Church.
A daily story-telling will take place at 11am in Holmfirth Parish Church.
Summary: ADMAF presents traditional story-telling performance to new students.
The author brings both the unusual setting and likeable characters to life in a lively manner through the use of a chatty, gossipy story-telling voice which she achieves by including many footnotes that take on the role of the little explanatory, humorous asides that are so common in oral story telling.
Let Us Be Perfectly Clear" is an anthology of Paul Hornschemeier's short stories illustrated in full color and demonstrating his distinctive artistic approach to the graphic novel techniques of story-telling.
Children have been enjoying a week of story-telling thanks to a project which aims to spark their imaginations.