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They were excited to see what impact the Jameson whiskey barrels would have on Franciscan Well's fine Irish stout beer -- and they were equally impressed with the results.
Guinness, for example, is struggling in its home market of Ireland, where drinkers are turning away from stout beer, and Guinness volume fell 3 percent, the company said.
The Snapshots report gives an instant overview of the UK beer market and covers sales of lagers, ales and stout beer in the UK market.
In fact, he says that his favorite match for his chocolate desserts is Guinness, or any heavy stout beer.
The Porteris variety is a dark, stout beer akin to Guinness.
We searched far and wide and found the perfect ingredient that meets the authentic flavor of a European stout beer.
The report segments the sports nutrition market as: Beer Market, by Product Dark beer Lager beer Non-alcoholic beer Stout beer Non-Alcoholic Drinks Market, by Geography: Latin America Middle-East Download the full report: https://www.
The company notes that "historically, beer consumers who found stout beer a bit too heavy for their liking, discovered that cutting a stout with a lighter beer would result in an eminently drinkable beverage.