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STOWAGE, mar. law. The proper arrangement in a ship, of the different articles of which a cargo consists, so that they may not injure each other by friction, or be damaged by the leakage of the ship.
     2. The master of the ship is bound to attend to the stowage, unless, by custom or agreement, this business is to be performed by persons employed by the merchant. Abbott on Ship. 228; Pardes. Dr. Com. n. 721.

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USER-FRIENDLY: The Sports Tourer provides first-rate facilities a low-loading sill and 442 litres of stowage area with all seats taken
The cylinder-shaped stowage module, about 4 meters in height and diameter, will be used to store spare items, experiment samples and maintenance tools for the Kibo laboratory.
The luggage compartment offers a 200 litre capacity - 36 % more than that of the previous Alfa Spider - even with Hie roof folded down, while numerous additional oddment stowage compartments include a temperature controlled cubby within the central armr sst, and two lockable storage bins built into the rear bench.
The FAA proposes to require an operator to make provisions for restraint or stowage of all individuals and objects in a cabin, so moving objects would not interfere with the flight crew's operation of the vehicle during flight," the agency says.
5 cu ft of lockable, weather-tight stowage and room for a spare-tire tray.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that enforcing the stowage rule by forbidding exit from the cell was not cruel and unusual punishment, since the inmate had the option of simply complying with the rule.
By contrast with the LX, the X8 is a sort of boot on wheels, with enough stowage space to swallow two full-face helmets and more luggage besides.
Both rear backrests fold flat to form a cargo deck and there's a fair-sized boot plus a stowage box and sliding oddments drawer.
There are lidded storage compartments in the floor in front of the rear seats, a lidded stowage compartment on top of the instrument panel, stowage slots left of the audio unit in the instrument panel, an open tray under the front passenger seat and a large glove compartment.
Inside, there are 60/40 split folding rear seats with a load-through facility, luggage hooks, lashing points and an under floor stowage compartment.
Working in tandem with two commercial partners, Upstream Marine Systems and Nesco, Seafish has developed a software system that transmits catch information from the fishing vessel to shore buyers, including the size and grade of the fish caught and the time of stowage.
Connected--for example-via the photographic medium to the open or dosed Boeing stowage bins, to the portico marking the entrance to a Chinese movie theater in Havana, or the Grande Dixence dam in Switzerland, the Renault and the Gammelgaard/Asher stool, which reappeared throughout the rooms in photographs that differed almost imperceptibly in angle and lighting, composed a narrative at multiple levels (autobiographical, aesthetic, historical, political) where the motifs of impermanence, metamorphosis, and the irremediably illusory character of appearances dominate.