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STOWAGE, mar. law. The proper arrangement in a ship, of the different articles of which a cargo consists, so that they may not injure each other by friction, or be damaged by the leakage of the ship.
     2. The master of the ship is bound to attend to the stowage, unless, by custom or agreement, this business is to be performed by persons employed by the merchant. Abbott on Ship. 228; Pardes. Dr. Com. n. 721.

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Premium Economy has full-leather finishing, calf-rest and foot-bar, individual in-seat power supply, two USB ports, personal in-seat reading light, a mirror built in the cocktail table and more stowage space.
ONE") has selected XVELA's next-generation Collaborative Stowage solution to meet its stowage planning needs, the company said.
The boot of this fourth generation model boasts a volume of 572-litres and, around the car, there's total additional stowage capacity of 63 litres.
The chiller compartment provides extra space for glasses and bottles, the headphone stowage trim can be removed to reveal a ski hatch and the entire rear console can be lit in harmony with the car's 10-colour mood lighting.
Some Soldiers are loading gear in the external stowage baskets while they're in the transport position.
There are also HDMI and USB ports located in the leather-lined stowage compartment by the side of the seat.
HAZMAT Locker Labels: Of units surveyed, 22% did not have their stowage locations for HM posted with appropriate caution signs (NSN 9905-01-342-4851 for 10x7 inch or 990501-342-4859 for 3x5 inch) nor did their HM locker labels indicate the type of HM stowed within.
This really is the king of the cubby holes with 40 stowage spaces, totting up to 83 litres of capacity.
Bigger closets enable personal wheelchair stowage in the passenger cabin, while special closet features will better secure the wheelchairs.
Mohammed Al Muallem, senior vice-president and managing director, DP World, UAE Region, said: "The BAPLIE message is the backbone of electronic container stowage operation.
According to Komy, cabin attendants had strongly requested to install mirrors in the new overhead stowage bins set in high positions to make it easier to check inside the stowage bins.
Also easy-entry tipping driver's seat with manual height adjustment, front passenger's underseat stowage with flip-up cushion, driver and front passenger seatback map pockets, 50:50 split/folding rear seat backs and rear-seat head restraints.