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Two long straightaways crisscrossed the upper air, with a curving "ramp" billowing into the corners created by the intersection--a literal "high way.
Today, 85 years later, the Super Cats racing will develop 1,500 horsepower and hit 140 MPH on the straightaways.
SANTA CLARITA - The city will install electronic signs along two Santa Clarita straightaways that note the actual speed limit - and tell motorists just how fast they're driving.
From October 18-20, 2002--85 years later--the average speeds in the American Power Boat Association's Pro Series Championships, to be held off Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, will be in the 100 mph range, and the boats will push 140 mph on the straightaways.
What he got was a car that was fast in the corners, but lagged a little on the straightaways.