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Just keep things smooth and fluid, maybe throw in a twitch or two in the straightaways.
This nifty unit consistently gets top test ratings, and on our extended test drive it performed flawlessly--detecting bona fide X and K band police radar over hills, straightaways, and curves in time to slow us down and avoid unwanted attention.
The long, unerring straightaways that dominate Nitsche's compositions gradually reveal themselves as feats of physical virtuosity, like a kind of manual sostenuto: Only up close can one detect (and then only just barely) their faint wobbles of freehandedness.
Among the numerous new statistics, reports from NASCAR and STATS will analyze driver speeds and the number of cars passed in the straightaways and corners.
WEST HILLS -- An impromptu street race ended in tragedy with the death of a 19-year-old motorist who lost control on one of the San Fernando Valley's legendary straightaways, officials said Wednesday.
Two long straightaways crisscrossed the upper air, with a curving "ramp" billowing into the corners created by the intersection--a literal "high way.
SANTA CLARITA - The city will install electronic signs along two Santa Clarita straightaways that note the actual speed limit - and tell motorists just how fast they're driving.
Today, 85 years later, the Super Cats racing will develop 1,500 horsepower and hit 140 MPH on the straightaways.