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Everything is more business-like and showbizzy," he continues, and he reckons The Stranglers are attracting a new wave of youngsters because of the largely sterile nature of modern music.
The Stranglers came to prominence in the late Seventies with hard-hitting rock songs like Peaches, Five Minutes and No More Heroes and their image was of a gang of menacing musicians.
ROCK ON The Stranglers will keep gigging till they get bored
Rock on Straighten Out is one of the UK's best-known Stranglers tribute acts
HEROES: The Stranglers will make an appearance at Custom House Square
When you listen to The Stranglers of the 70s and the contemporary band what do you hear?
Through the series twists and turns, Stranglers probes: Was DeSalvo really the killer?
A good host for stranglers is a large dead or dying trunk of a tree that would have otherwise presented major removal problems.
MEN IN BLACK: Top, The Stranglers line-up of Dave Greenfield, Jet Black, Baz Warne and JJ Burnel and, above, with original singer Hugh Cornwell, second left
There are 10 tracks and a 10-minute track at the end, something we liked to do with The Stranglers with songs like Down In The Sewer and Toiler On The Sea.
But one would quite rightly expect that the lion's share of proceedings will be taken up through the tuneful dipping into a back catalogue made up of four decades and 16 albums, which have been released throughout the band's many eras, starting in 1974 when they launched themselves as The Guildford Stranglers.
He said: "I look back at my time in The Stranglers with fondness.