Straw Man

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Straw Man

An individual who acts as a front for others who actually incur the expense and obtain the profit of a transaction.

In the terminology employed by real estate dealers, a straw man is an individual who acts as a conduit for convenience in holding and transferring title to the property involved. For example, such a person might act as an agent for another in order to take title to real property and execute whatever documents and instruments the principal directs with respect to the transaction.

straw man

n. 1) a person to whom title to property or a business interest is transferred for the sole purpose of concealing the true owner and/or the business machinations of the parties. Thus, the straw man has no real interest or participation but is merely a passive stand-in for a real participant who secretly controls activities. Sometimes a straw man is involved when the actual owner is not permitted to act, such as a person with a criminal record holding a liquor license. 2) an argument which is intended to distract the other side from the real issues or waste the opponent's time and effort, sometimes called a "red herring" (for the belief that drawing a fish across a trail will mislead hunting dogs).

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Again addressing the themes of revenge and retribution, Straw Dogs is one of Peckinpah's most controversial films.
The director made two principal types of statement about Straw Dogs that tended to distort or undercut the film's reputation and legacy.
MISSION Gerard Butler REMAKE Straw Dogs SLICK Tower Heist stars Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy
Contains swearing, sex and violence IN 1971, legendary director Sam Peckinpah spars ked a wide-ranging debate about violence in cinema and the depiction of women with his s coruscating thriller Straw Dogs, based on the novel The Siege of Trencher's Farm by Gordon Williams.
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Don't they realise this is horror and sci-fi stalwart David Warner, he of The Omen and Straw Dogs, he of "deep smooth voice, often plays sinister villains" (IMDb)?
STRAW DOGS SKY MOVIES PREMIERE, 10PM In 1971, director Sam Peckinpah travelled to the UK to make Straw Dogs.
But for strong-stomached horror fans, this is one of the best British offerings in years, evoking memories of Straw Dogs while adding something all of its own.
STRAW DOGS (18 Gripping, though very violent, remake of the controversial 1971 original, with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth as outsiders in the American Deep South who fall out with the locals.
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