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He said it's able to control for Chicago Fed President Charles Evans' frequent use of so-called straw-man arguments, a rhetorical device that deliberately exaggerates an opponent's position to undermine it.
These straw-man arguments bring me back to the discussion of DCPS, for while IMPACT does use tests, it by no means relies exclusively on them.
After a bewildering array of nonsequiturs and straw-man arguments, he eventually arrives at his favourite topic - the evil Tories, who are "lower than vermin...".
Too often policymakers resort to straw-man arguments to justify inaction, most egregiously positing "boots on the ground" as the alternative to the United States' current ineffective policy on Syria.
"The issues presented by the (appellate) decision are a test of whether Washington can work--whether we can avoid straw-man arguments and the descent into hyperbole that too often substitute for genuine engagement," he said--sounding like the good friend of President Obama that he is.