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But instead of actually engaging with recent work in Irish history, Silverman simply uses these unnamed historians as strawmen. The relative scarcity of secondary works in her bibliography reinforces the suspicion that unread historians make easier targets.
The leading sector remained the Andalusian merchants who themselves were primarily "strawmen" for European trading houses.
But this brings with it a tendency to ignore the dogmatism of Freud's style (the crisp 'it is so', the setting up of strawmen, the concession that is promptly refuted) in favour of what Frankland describes as aesthetic aspects, though they are often, more strictly, rhetorical.
Any political theory that relies on such stark choices can be suspected, with good reason, of setting up strawmen. This can be seen in the tendency of the agrarians to blame the North for the South's problems (p.
Sometimes the battle against legislation to weaken the civil justice system is fought against strawmen, and the strawmen of the moment are volunteers.
There's a strawman to beat all strawmen. Tierney neglects to acknowledge that the timber companies actually get much of their wood from the national forests that all of us own.
His point is an excellent one, but in establishing Foucault and Muchembled as strawmen Wegert introduces no small amount of confusion.
Though Renaissance Ciceronians did have to refute the charge that their language distorted contemporary reality, in the absence of names and texts one gets the feeling that Mouchel's Competents are at least in part strawmen. I am also not convinced by Mouchel's assumption, with little proof, of the large influence of St.
The members of the WGA were pleased that some positive action had been taken by the EPA as represented by the differences between Strawmen I and II.
It helped sort out the valid points of disagreement from the strawmen."