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n. a roadway in an urban area, owned and maintained by the municipality for public use. A private road cannot be a street.

See: avenue, causeway

STREET. A road in a village or city. In common parlance the word street is equivalent to highway. 4 Serg. & Rawle, 108.
     2. A permission to the public for the space of eight, or even of six years, to use a street without bar or impediment, is evidence from which a dedication to the public maybe inferred. 11 East, R. 376; See 2 N. Hamp. 513; 4 B. & A. 447; 3 East, R. 294; 1 Law Intell. 134; 2 Smith's Lead. Cas. 94, n.; 2 Pick. R. 162; 2 Verm. R. 480; 5 Taunt. R. 125; S. C. 1 E. C. L. R. 34; 4 Camp. R. 169; 1 Camp. R. 260: 7 B. & C. 257; S. C. 14 E. C. L. R. 39; 5 B & Ald. 454; S. C. 7 E. C. L. R. 159; 1 Blackf. 44; 2 Wend. 472; 8 Wend. 85; 11 Wend. 486; 6 Pet. 431; 1 Paige, 510; and the article Dedication.

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Alonzo Sutcliffe, hairdresser, is registered as having a shop in Beast Market in the 1937 street directory .
Cornelia Parker's quirky A Meteorite Lands on Birmingham's Bullring, 2002, A-Z Street Directory is also featured.
As well, I present some specific ideas for meaningful map lessons using the local page from a street directory.
According to Kelly's Street Directory of 1936, the building was formerly Dolman's Horse Repository and was occupied by Henry Dolman, cartowner.
AA SmartMap includes online mapping that is constantly updated, a comprehensive street directory and journey planner, and the most extensive range of facilities and points of interest, including ATMs, boat ramps, parks, museums and public toilets to name a few," says Mark Williams, AA's general manager of brand and marketing.
The Cardiff Street Directory for 1855 tells us that some of the residents of Frederick Street were John Dodds, a cow-keeper and milkman, William Hume, deputy govenor of Cardiff Prison, Rowland Harris, a veterinary surgeon, Michael Furtwangler, a clock maker, and Mary Powell, a dress maker.
I WONDER if anyone can help me regarding a street directory of Newlands Road, Jesmond, Newcastle, for the year 1923 as a friend in the south of England thought I may be able to help being a City of Newcastle Freeman.