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On Wednesday, the judge dismissed a 2010 lawsuit the city of Elgin filed against brothers Elias and Saul Juarez and brothers Ruben and Oscar Sanchez under the Illinois Street Gang Prevention Act.
As a book written for a wide audience, the first two chapters may feel a bit heavy with social theory and research, but this deftly lays the groundwork that ties potent narratives of street gang members to colonial history and social structures.
The Quality Street Gang were a special group of players but we were lucky to be at the club at the time of the Lisbon Lions.
THE Mail highlighted the Home Secretary's recent statements regarding her plans to tackle street gangs.
As such, this book is a must read for researchers interested in the sexual exploitation of youth as well as anyone involved in designing and/or implementing prevention, deterrence, and harm reduction initiatives for youth involved in street gangs and street gang-controlled juvenile prostitution.
To the street gangs, the prison gang members are the "bad of the bad," as one 18-year-old Latino street gang member said.
The 18th Street gang -- long considered one of the worst and most violent in the city -- has been the focus of law enforcement internationally.
When these guns meander into the hands of young street gang members we have Georgina "Vivi" Leimonis and Jane Creba dead on our streets.
This book attempts to summarize much of the research being conducted in many other countries where the street gang phenomenon is currently developing.
The leader of a Belize street gang has been convicted of working with Mexican and Colombian drug cartels to bring more than 12 tons of cocaine into the United States, federal prosecutors said, reports Reuters (Dec.
2) "A criminal street gang refers to three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.
The prisoners - including the four-strong Balcombe Street gang - are being released from Portlaoise jail in the Republic.