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Contract award notice: Service contract for cafeteria and cafeteria of the senior center located on pez austral street number 6 of the retiro district
It's funny you've got the same street number as ours.
The new parking metres have already been installed along the streets of Umm Al Tarafa, Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf street, Khalil Mutran street and Street Number 9, and will become operational on May 18, 2017.
In addition to the first facility at Street Number 41, presently the company has established a new factory at the New Industrial Area to produce all industrial and protective coatings.
The designer version, made from silver-toned brass, is very delightful but the high street number also delivers a good deal of charm (and more flowers) for a less terrifying price.
The Examiner analysed the number of homes sold by their street number from one to 20 in Kirklees and across England and Wales.
According to details, Ameer Gul a mason by profession was going home when two bike riders shot him dead in Street Number 31 of Rawal Town in Dhoke Syedan.
Once scanned, the Makani app will provide the user with key information on the location being searched which includes the province, building, street number and other relevant details.
The tragic incident occurred across the street number (204) at its intersection with the street number 223 in Mina and led to a stampede.
Mina, Dhu-AlHijjah 10, 1436, Sep 24, 2015, SPA -- The official spokesman of the Directorate of Civil Defense said that at 09:00 AM of today, Thursday, the 10th of Dhu-AlHijjah 1436 AH corresponding to September 24, 2015, while pilgrims were flocking to Jamarat site to throw the grand Jamarat Aqabah (pebbles), a sudden interference among pilgrims and increase in the numbers of pilgrims heading to the Jamarat facility across the street number (204) at its intersection with the street number (223) in Mina, have occurred leading to a stampede and crowd among pilgrims.
Shyamlal ( 58) is a resident of Rohini and runs a mobile accessories shop at street number 53 in Ragerpura area.
The council says any application to omit a street number - such as the number 13 due to "superstition or personal preference" - will be refused.