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I, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Department of Strength of Materials, Bucharest, Romania (in Romanian)
One purpose of pull testing is to confirm the strength of materials on a PWB; for example, annular rings and traces attached to the PWB surface.
The mechanical engineering discipline involves many areas of inquiry: strength of materials, mechanism kinematics and dynamics, collisions, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, functional design and manufacturing processes.
Students will be able to use a variety of machines designed to test the strength of materials under various conditions such as tension, compression, heat and chemical exposure.
General engineering subjects, such as strength of materials, heat exchange and transfer, and fatigue of metals, are presented.
To determine the stress distribution and deflection of the core before and after the metal has been poured, one has to apply the basic principles of statics, strength of materials and fluid dynamics to the particular core configuration.
He is also calling on the National Standards Authority to review the guidelines on the strength of materials recommended for use in building schemes.
The Strength of Materials Suite in their Food Technology Centre can now offer a full service, from product tasting right through to packaging.

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