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A detailed description of the same hamstring (Figure 1) or quadriceps (Figure 2) static stretching exercises in the sitting and standing positions used in this study has been published previously by Sekir et al.
The stretching exercises that were confirmed by a sports medicine specialist were applied to the legs and included hip rotation to the sides, quadriceps stretch, knee to chest stretch, hamstring stretch, gluteal stretch, straight leg raise, side lying leg lift and so on.
The 5 weekly sessions of stretching exercises consisted of 4 sessions of stretching exercises and a 5th session of massage.
Keywords: Chronic plantar fasciitis supervised stretching exercises Myofascial released technique Pakistan.
For Leon, Oh and Rana (2012) there are several dynamic stretching exercises for lower limbs, the quantity of this exercise varies according to the sport and the preference of the physical education teacher to prescribe a session.
Daley AJ (2009) [11] believed that contracted ligamentous bands in the abdominal region were the causative factor for physical compression of nerve pathways and their irritation, so the proposed series of stretching exercise was considered very effective.
However the results do indicate that given the risk of complications with steroids, Botox along with stretching exercises, could be the treatment of choice for this painful condition.
Overall, the results of this study indicate that both yoga and stretching exercises are "reasonable treatment options for persons who are willing to engage in physical activities to relieve moderately impairing back pain," the researchers said.
A total of 228 adults with chronic lower back pain were split into three groups; 92 attended 12 weekly yoga classes, 91 received instructions for conventional stretching exercises, and 45 were given a self-care book.
THE first line treatment for frozen shoulder involves a combination of painkillers, heat treatment, special stretching exercises, medicines to strengthen the cartilage and application of local ointment.
Those in the other group, who participated in twice-weekly, 60minute sessions on health topics, including 20 minutes of stretching exercises, were encouraged to stretch at home for 20 minutes each day.
my body is ever-so gradually I wave goodbye to my pal armed with a guide for some stretching exercises and with a newly-found spring in my discomfort-free step.