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The recent push for stringless paving technology in the mainline concrete paving market has accelerated equipment innovation," says Ron Meskis, national sales manager at Guntert & Zimmerman Const.
Lopez, hungry for a fresh story idea, stumbles upon a homeless man in a city park playing Beethoven on a nearly stringless violin and discovers that Ayers is a former Julliard prodigy who now sleeps on the street and plays under freeways.
This system is a stringless system that fits virtually all single-or double-line gas powered string trimmers, so you won't need to alter or modify your current trimmer.
Good varieties include 'Kenyan', which produces slender, stringless pods, and 'Purple Teepee', with beautiful purple pods.
Meanwhile, across the brooding water, on a step by a pub in a busy street, the old tramp with the stringless guitar strummed a silent melody to the very slow rhythm of coins dropped in his cap by passing people of the big city.
The doctor examined me--yet more horror, having to put my legs up on stirrups--and he withdrew the stringless remains of an old and definitely very smelly tampon.
On the Winetavern Street side, Eireann wept forlorn upon her stringless harp, and Daniel O'Connell stood proudly clutching the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 (Fig.
69 Buy 2 for pounds 2; Stringless Beans 250g was pounds 1.
In his workshop, partially finished instruments hang from the walls--a banjo, a stringless guitar body--and a supply closet is packed with strings and accessories.
The ropes might well be the allotropes of puppet strings, even if the dependent manikins in Two Standing Nudes and The Strange Man are stringless.
One exhibit idea that has sparked Bray's imagination is a stringless harp that relies on laser technology to create music.
I prefer the tender fleshy stringless bean of this variety to most others.