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Leading many of the strongest songs in the musical, which was based on an American strip cartoon Little Orphan Annie published in the New York News, Davis wrapped the audience around her fingers just as Annie is meant to wrap billionaire Daddy Warbucks around hers.
She came across a 1958 strip cartoon in the Children's Newspaper which had a caption under a drawing saying: "Trevithick was helped by a faithful one-legged workman named John Steel.
The Daily Express strip cartoon had been created by Mary Tourtel, the wife of the paper's night news editor, back in November 1920, at a time when many newspapers recognised that they needed to be 'doing something for the children'.
I THOUGHT Liverpudlians were supposed to be renowned for their sense of humour, but the reaction to the Viz Boy Scouse strip cartoon (ECHO, October 5) would suggest that they can't take it if the joke is on them.
The original Bayeux Tapestry, a vigorous strip cartoon of 1066 and All That, was embroidered on lengths of linen.
However, the actor has not neglected the film industry, and along with The Wolfman, in which he stars with Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro, he is to start work on the set of Thor, a Hollywood version of the strip cartoon.
Meanwhile , 80-odd miles to the East, David Ethelston of Llangollen was getting in a bit of a lather over our Saturday strip cartoon and our apparent double standards, as he wrote to my colleague, one of our Tuesday columnists, David Banks.
Of all the new breed of crooners, Crosby, who picked up his nickname 'Bing' through a childhood addiction to a local newspaper strip cartoon character, was by far the most successful and by the 1940s he was the world's biggest singing star.
From humble beginnings as a small comic strip cartoon, we learnt about Rupert's world and one by one were introduced to his chums Bill Badger, Algy Pug and Pong Ping and their life in Nutwood.
When United Features Syndicate agreed to take Scultz abroad, the format was extended into strip cartoon form and renamed Peanuts.
Glynis Barber, who also played strip cartoon character Jane for a BBC2 series, said she was looking forward to returning to TV.