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The look of Strip-tease is made easily recognizable by the total invisibility of the reporters (they never enter the frame, nor ask any questions), encouraging us to believe that we are witnessing actual events without any kind of mediation and further enhancing the extreme voyeuristic dimension of the show.
Although the metaphor carries misogynist connotations, the author appropriately assesses the dangers of autobiographical criticism by naming it a form of strip-tease, suggesting that exposing personal experience is dangerous in the literary profession.
PAT EDDERY was questioned by police yesterday over allegations that he performed a strip-tease at his teenage daughter's birthday party.
Initially I dismissed this academic equivalent of the strip-tease as a narrative device: it recalled for me the moment in Jerome K.
C'est une loi evidente que tout le strip-tease est donne dans la nature meme du vetement de depart: si celui-ci est improbable, comme dans le cas de la Chinoise ou de la femme enfourree, le nu qui suit reste lui-meme irreel, lisse et ferme comme un bel objet glissant, retire par son extravagance meme de l'usage humain.
Among other things, the part demanded that Randy do a strip-tease.
At the end, a strip-tease may reveal her as a woman, or someone may congratulate her for the "splendid performance.
Featured are the obligatory transvestite strip-tease scenes and countless clips of lip-locked gay and lesbian marchers intercut with shots of young children's angelic faces.
The unexciting strip-tease and sensual facade was a complete letdown for the Bhatt camp, which delivered quite a few interesting erotic thrillers in the past.
Aer Lingus pilots, who strike at midnight were busy today flying about 800 rugby fans to Dublin Cardiff 'Strip-tease in chapel' protests Cardiff's first Soho-style strip-tease club may open in a disused Butetown chapel next Monday if protests from city councillors and church officials fail.