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The look of Strip-tease is made easily recognizable by the total invisibility of the reporters (they never enter the frame, nor ask any questions), encouraging us to believe that we are witnessing actual events without any kind of mediation and further enhancing the extreme voyeuristic dimension of the show.
L'irrealite du corps est accentuee, toujours selon Barthes dans le meme article, par la danse qui accompagne obligatoirement le strip-tease.
Selon la chaine israelienne ILTV, l'enregistrement avec les voix de Yair Netanyahu et Ori Maimon (fils du guru gazier Kobi Maimon, actionnaire dans Isramco, proprietaire des champs gaziers Tamar) evoque une discussion a propos du paiement de l'addition d'un club de strip-tease qui s'eleve a 400 Shekels (soit pres de 116 dollars).
We'll shock and amaze cinema-goers by performing a strip-tease en masse down to our patterned Penneys PJs and then freeze for a photo.
And she made the strip-tease promise in the country's capital Asuncion after watching her heroes come through a last-16 penalty shoot-out against Japan.
Scandal erupted at the event at Llanelwedd, near Builth Wells, when the shop worker allegedly threw her thong into a crowd of cattle exhibitors after performing a late-night strip-tease.
If you're new to burlesque, it's all about empowering and often humorous strip-tease but with the emphasis on the tease and glamour, there's no actual nudity.
If you're new to burlesque, it's all about empowering and often humorous strip-tease but with the emphasis very heavily on the tease and glamour ( there's no actual nudity.
La fascinacion del show de las elecciones como espectaculo de un mundo castrado en sus posibilidades vitales viene, por lo tanto, como en el table dance o en el strip-tease, de la fascinacion de no querer nunca descubrir que no hay tal falo, tal poder.
Como si se tratara de un cuartel militar, decenas de clubs de strip-tease estan protegidos por murallas.
Her claim to fame came as the young girl who invented the strip-tease in The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968).
Quedemonos con proceso, porque el ensayo --ya veras-- es el strip-tease de los generos literarios.