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But the ability to offset against lower raw material costs the higher exports prices stemming from a strong currency can only be maintained as long as customers outside of Europe are willing to accept higher selling prices.
Sweden's strong currency and high level of discretionary income makes it a strong market for high-quality imported apparel.
While domestic furniture manufacturers battled cautious consumer spending and Asian competition throughout 2003, their European counterparts carried the additional burden of a strong currency at home.
Similarly, Canadian manufacturing companies are grappling with the unfamiliar role of having a strong currency that has largely cancelled the value of recent newsprint price hikes.
These changes are likely to take the form of reduced costs in strong currency areas, closure of field offices and reduction of workforce with no cuts to sales coverage or R&D.
c) a surplus in the social security system that significantly mitigates the much-publicized gross government debt and festering nonperforming loans in the banking sector, helping to create the apparent paradox of a strong currency amidst serious fiscal and financial-sector problems.
It appears that the strong currency will slightly diminish competitiveness in foreign markets, but demand for Korean goods should continue to experience healthy growth due to improved performance of the global economy.
The strong currency is blamed for most of the food chain's current problems, but there are other significant problems which are in the power of the industry to address.
Based on this, the Japanese yen should be a strong currency.
A strong currency would hit exporters hard and limited wage cuts will be needed in a downturn.
The country is still struggling through uncertain economic times, despite continuing investor confidence and a strong currency.
A strong currency does not work counter to the national interest.