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Based on this, the Japanese yen should be a strong currency.
The paper focuses on its author's historical investigations into the education of adolescents before they were generally known by that label and before the term literacy had strong currency.
A strong currency would hit exporters hard and limited wage cuts will be needed in a downturn.
The country is still struggling through uncertain economic times, despite continuing investor confidence and a strong currency.
A strong currency does not work counter to the national interest.
Mervyn Phillips, regional international business manager for Lloyds TSB Commercial, said: "Exporters in the Midlands have had a long fight to remain competitive in the face of such a strong currency but many have adapted by tightening controls on internal costs and by looking to new markets, both for raw materials and sales opportunities.
If it looks as if it's going to be a success, if it looks as if it is going to be a strong currency, can we continue to sit on the sidelines?
In such an equilibrium, the government that issues the currency with a lower rate of inflation - the strong currency - collects seigniorage not only from its residents but also from the residents of the other country.
That allows their shares to trade at a higher multiple to cash flow, giving them a strong currency for acquisitions.
It will be mandated to deliver low inflation and a strong currency, objectives that spell drastic implications for interest rates.