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The equilibrium constant for a generic acid (HA) will further illustrate the difference between weak and strong acids.
Nitric acid is considered to be a strong acid and oxidant.
After analysis, the source was discovered to be a strong acid, possibly an industrial-strength drain cleaning solution, which had been discarded in a domestic wheelie bin.
The team reacted a strong acid, hydrogen fluoride, with a salt of cyanoform.
Strong acid water showed marked increase concentration of aufrom gold alloy.
In Group IV, Strong Acid Electrolytic Water was used as the irrigating solution, the Smear layer on the root canal walls were completely removed after the final irrigation.
The technology involved will include a nutshell filtering unit (NSK), followed by a primary strong acid cation unit and a polishing strong acid cation unit (SAC), and finally by a weak acid cation unit (WAC).
When copper comes in contact with a strong acid, the metal turns green.
Critics have noted that his sets feature elements of electro house and deep techno with strong acid and funk influences.
The sorbents are designed to be placed in a capture unit that is downstream of the flue gas desulfurization unit to minimize the interactions with the strong acid gas contaminants.
This creates sulfuric acid, a strong acid that slowly dissolves limestone--carving out the caves.
Rohm and Haas has obtained a patent for a coating composition comprising a polyaniline particle comprising a core polymer particle in an amount from 33-91% by weight of the polyaniline particle comprising strong acid groups derived from the polymerization of one or more ethylenically unsaturated strong acid monomers; and a polyaniline polymer attached to the core polymer particle; wherein the polyaniline particle has an average particle diameter of less than or equal to 10 [micro]m; and a binder.