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Summary: DUBAI - Overall consumer confidence in Dubai remained robust during the June quarter, mainly driven by a positive outlook on personal finance and strong optimism on job prospects.
While there is strong optimism for industry growth, success will hinge on companies' ability to operate to best practice in asset safety, integrity, and performance in a changing market.
He described a "positive situation" for orders and recruitment and highlighted strong optimism.
Bulgaria's newly appointed Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Liliyana Pavlova, voiced Sunday strong optimism about both the funding and the construction schedule of Trakiya highway.
Strong optimism was indicated - the majority of notes were climbing.
In September's issue, Latino Business Review gives you the opportunity to learn more about: Lorenzo Zambrano, the internal discipline with CEMEX; Carlos Slim, the strong optimism with Carso Group, America Movil, Telmex and Sanborn's; Daniel Serrvtije, the conventional model with Bimbo; and Jose Sergio Gabriel focusing in environmental sustainability with Petrobras.
His strong optimism for the future is tempered by what he sees as uncompetitive policies, including not only the Buy American concerns, but also Ontario's "troubling" approach to energy.
The 2010 Farnborough International Airshow has been very successful and the figures demonstrate the mood of strong optimism that there has been around the show this year, which is very encouraging given the current global economic climate.
Expanding in the sub-continent and taking stock of its high potential as an evolving retail base, Giordano currently intensifies its presence in India with additional investments totaling US$10 million in line with their plans to operate 30 stores by 2012, demonstrating strong optimism in the market.
Investors may have breathed a sigh of relief as Japan's key Nikkei stock index recovered briefly to the 10,000 line Thursday for the first time since the global financial crisis sparked its plunge last October, reflecting strong optimism that the worst of the recession is over.
High grain prices have generated strong optimism among Western Canadian crop producers this year, causing them to invest in increased seeded acres, inputs, equipment and land.
Nekrasov), it lacks Nekrasov's passion, intensity, and strong optimism as well as Nekrasov's lyricism, musicality, euphony, and mellifluousness.