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Up to present, the design of a structural column is based on the simplified block stress of unconfined concrete proposed by Whitney [2].
Medical office space should offer a more modular approach with structural column layout to allow for changes in future use," says Mike Pedersen, construction executive at Mortenson Construction (Minneapolis).
Finally, a structural column in the center of the main room supported a group of paintinglike objects made of plywood and scratched and colored plexi.
A display located in the studio corner behind "Home Base," the main desk, reveals the Plaza to the studio cameras, creating a virtual window and masking a structural column that obstructs the view.
In addition, several New York City elements are incorporated into the design center: the terrazzo flooring is a lighter color in the pro-style kitchen to represent Central Park; the 59th Street subway tiles are replicated along the refrigerator gallery wall; and six plasma screens cover a structural column representing Times Square on the street grid.
Tenders are invited for Concrete Encasing Of Structural Column And Trestle Pedestals At Ntecl And Nctps.
At the center of the rotunda is a structural column encased in cherry wood and adorned by a floating frosted fiber-glass ceiling treatment which reflects the look of a Shoji screen.
A glass-enclosed kitchen that serves the open, second-floor dining room is wrapped round a structural column.
a new structural column will be added in a storage room wall below, with patching, repair and painting to match.
and replacing with steel items in the ash slurry pipe rack structural column near conveyor 21 to railway crossing during the year 2015 16.
Ingeniously, Trump also worked on making the building floors more spacious and brighter by removing four feet of space in the form of insulation around every single structural column.
Each isolator can withstand a load of 18 tonnes; so that when stacked up the rod and interspersed with cast metal or aluminium brackets, they form an immensely strong structural column with the brackets giving lateral support.

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