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This same refurbishment project also includes a Seeyond cellular resin column wrap, which conceals a current structural column.
figures circling a large structural column in the center of the lobby.
Ingeniously, Trump also worked on making the building floors more spacious and brighter by removing four feet of space in the form of insulation around every single structural column.
Each isolator can withstand a load of 18 tonnes; so that when stacked up the rod and interspersed with cast metal or aluminium brackets, they form an immensely strong structural column with the brackets giving lateral support.
The result is a strong structural column, capable of supporting about half the weight supported by a column of wood.
Tenders are invited for Fire Proofing Works For Equipments And Structural Columns Etc.
The alliance had planned to raise more money in the coming weeks to install a new roof on the stadium and replace two 48-foot tall wooden structural columns.
Moving between two and three dimensions, Bass added arches to the existing structural columns, framing the viewer's various perspectives and connecting the architecture to the sculptures and a series of adjacent paintings, the latter replete with their own frieze like arcs.
An official from Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group stated "With the structural columns in place, we have entered a new phase of development.
An official from Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group said: "With the structural columns in place, we have entered a new phase of development.
A spokesman for Sefton council said: "Following a routine inspection on Southport Pier some concerns were raised with a few of the structural columns.
Standing between the unfettered view of the 28 wall pieces are the gallery's structural columns and four small sculptures atop pedestals.

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