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Coun Gary Clarke, chairman of Centro-PTA, said: "The MPs say they will be asking whether the structure of the industry has meant bus services are better, more frequent or meeting passenger need?
Second, decisions made on defense firm mergers and acquisitions involving defense firms continue to shape the financial and competitive structure of the industry. Third, DoD evaluations and assessments of sectors or specific industry issues help identify future budgetary and programmatic requirements.
The structure of the industry is dominated by three markets: Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.
We readily acknowledge that he has been personally effective in shaking up the governing structure of the Industry, using his political connections to put pressure on the bookmakers.
Their key finding is that information and communication technology are changing the very nature and structure of the industry, while sharper competition has put many smaller local and regional wholesalers at risk.
AM: How do you see the structure of the industry evolving during the next 10 years?
We understand the inquiry is looking at the whole structure of the industry."
"As well as getting the rail system back and running, it seems many company directors would like to see some more fundamental review of the structure of the industry.
"The problem is that the behavior and structure of the industry have changed." Vancore says that the influx of large corporate chains into the nursing home industry, mismanagement, Medicare fraud, and short staffing have all contributed to a decline in the quality of care.
The paper explores how each phase of the movement has influenced the next, and how the various challenges facing the movement around organizational form, strategy, and the structure of the industry have been resolved or have persisted.
Forces that are playing an important role in determining the long-term structure of the industry include unbundling and consolidation of LDC services, growth in the intensity of competition, convergence of LDCs and other energy companies, investor's short-term focus and information technology development.
In some cases, this lag is attributable to the structure of the industry itself.

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