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STRUMPET. A harlot, or courtesan: this word was formerly used as an addition. Jacob's Law Dict. h.t.

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Indeed, while the sixteen chapters of A Capital in Conflict attempt to contribute to a deeper understanding of Dublin in this turbulent period, if one wished to truly get a sense of its everyday lived experience, one could hardly improve upon the wonderful novel, Strumpet City, which has been reissued with a new dust-jacket and preface.
of a strumpet for the benefit of a vulgar audience and thus her identity
There are exclusive brands like Carine Gilson, Nuits de Satin and Strumpet & Pink.
In an entry on the lodestone in his chapbook Cornucopiae, or Divers Secrets {I 596), the London apothecary Thomas Johnson writes that, just as the lodestone imparts its magnetic force to iron that is rubbed on it, "in like manner the smock or other apparel of a strumpet being worn of others, giveth a certain impudencie and shameless boldness to those parties.
The struggle for trade union recognition inspired the writing of the outstanding novel Strumpet City.
Is it because you are a bit of a romantic and like to think of your girlfriend as a nice old-fashioned girl and not a strumpet.
Strumpet has Christopher Eccle-ston as Strayman, a poet who's landlord to a pack of stray dogs and hooks up with Strumpet (Jenna G), a shy homeless girl with a gift for music.
If our judges do not trust Justinian, they might invoke Shakespeare: in his Henry VI Part I, he shows Joan of Arc most unhistorically as a witch and a strumpet who "pleads her belly" when she has been condemned to be burned at the stake:
c) Some jobless strumpet who spends her weekend getting blitzed on alcopops, waking up in strange men's houses and leaving her illegitimate pups home alone.
14), the bark returns "Lean, rent, and beggar'd by the strumpet wind"; and like the bark, Jessica is beggared by her riot with Lorenzo.
Strumpet City (1969), an acclaimed historical novel, deals with the trade union movement in Dublin prior to World War I.
But that reliable strumpet commerce is invariably strutting her stuff at the next crossroads.