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STRUMPET. A harlot, or courtesan: this word was formerly used as an addition. Jacob's Law Dict. h.t.

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Strumpet City earned Plunkett Kelly pounds 100,000 by the end of 1969.
He added: "I was a young actor of 26 when I filmed Strumpet City with him.
Wearing a thigh-skimming skirt could be your idea of looking smart, but someone else's vision of a provocative strumpet.
He was best known in Ireland for his performance as "Rashers" Tierney in Strumpet City.
She was the royal strumpet who almost cut the Roman Empire in half with a sharp pair of Caesars.
An unembarrassed Kate, 37, said: "I played the strumpet who gets caught in bed with Fleming.
There was also a definite groundswell of feeling for words such as floozy, strumpet, trollop, ragamuffin, rapscallion and footpad.
The second and third, King's Ironbridge (95+) and Ceepio (96+), won impressively at Newmarket on Saturday and Nottingham on Monday respectively, and the seventh- and ninth-placed horses, Strumpet (70) and Logic Lane (85), took lesser events at Salisbury on Wednesday and Goodwood on Friday respectively.
Played by Polly Perkins, best known for her role as Trish Valentine in Eldorado, prickly Rose is the strumpet who stole Dot's wayward hubby Charlie off her.
The Shieldinch strumpet tries to stop him but can't so she ends up in the car with him, pleading with Tony not to spoil Shona's big day.
I serve the meal and after pulling the crackers everyone disappears like magic leaving me with the once beautifully decorated table covered in bits of sprout, carrot and gravy, wall-to-wall washing up, and the remains of the turkey splay-legged on the kitchen table like an old strumpet.