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2, for many Norwegian roads the primary cause of failure is studded tire wear.
There is a new generation of kinder, gentler studded tires out there.
Agree: Studded tires do a lot more damage to our streets than non-studded tires.
PORTLAND - The state Department of Transportation is reminding Oregonians to remove studded tires by March 31.
As we approach the colder weather and snow and ice cover our streets and highways, many drivers will be switching to studded tires.
Using studded tires during the off season can bring a $190 ticket.
Due to the wear-and-tear on roads from studded tires, the state Department of Transportation encourages motorists to consider alternatives.
Moreover, it is forbidden to use studded tires in vehicles within the period of 1st May to 1st October of every year.
A couple of years ago, Canin and his wife purchased fat-tired bikes with studded tires, which means he can ride almost every day of the year in Iowa City, where he teaches at the Iowa Writers' Workshop.
If you drive more on icy road than snowy roads, studded tires may be the right choice for you.
Studded tires fit best on mountain bikes and can be either purchased or made at home (using sheet metal screws).
Contract awarded for Studded Tires Icebreaker And Chains