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Within the Norwegian context transverse profile is particularly important as this is a primary indicator of pavement failure due to studded tire wear.
A spokesperson for the minister's office described the new generation of studded tires as having a lightweight aluminum casing that holds a tungsten carbide pin.
Drivers found to be using studded tires with no decals would be issued a citation and fined $100.
Use of studded tires is restricted because of the damage they cause to the state's roadways - an estimated $40 million a year, according to a study done in 2000.
Mitch Greenlick, a Portland Democrat and the chief sponsor of two of the proposals, said he would be prepared to drop his fee proposal entirely and opt instead for a new state study of studded tire damage, should law makers be more inclined to support that.
Rutting can be divided into primary or permanent rutting of bituminous layers, secondary rutting in the subgrade, rutting due to abrasion of the surface by studded tires.
5-10] tended to be stronger for November through May, the time of the year when concentrations of road dust are elevated due to the use of studded tires, road salt, and sand on roads.
Customers think if they can wait to put their studded tires on, it will save wear, but studies show it doesn't extend the life of the tire at all.
From studded tires to travel grants, from technology to trade, this Northern governance structure would find "made in the North" solutions for our issues.
In Norway, studded tires have been used for decades because of the snow-covered and icy roads in winter.
Stone matrix asphalt (SMA), used in Europe for approximately 30 years, was first developed to provide resistance to abrasion caused by studded tires.
Studded tires do provide improved traction and braking on icy roads in places like North Dakota.