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TUTOR, civil law. A person who has been lawfully appointed to the care of the person and property of a minor.
     2. By the laws of Louisiana minors under the age of fourteen years, if males, and under the age of twelve years, if females, are both, as to their persons and their estates, placed under the authority of a tutor. Civ. Code, art. 263. Above that age, and until their, majority or emancipation, they are placed under the authority of a curator. Ibid.

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Teaching your first college class; a practical guide for new faculty and graduate student instructors.
He came to Ann Arbor to attended University of Michigan's history graduate program, where he worked as a Graduate student instructor.
Community sponsors and on-site personnel can provide feedback about student instructor progress, and university faculty may use site visits to view the student instructor in action.
Mark Messer, her future husband, was a student instructor.
To bring additional honor to both units, a few were selected by the ANA leadership and the MTT to become student instructors.
The CalArts student instructors are Melanie Watts, Jared Elms and Anna Hawkey, under the direction of CalArts School of Critical Studies faculty Mady Schutzman and Jon Wagner.
The lane training proved to be the most useful in involving participants and was clearly the most appropriate for future use by the student instructors considering the high illiteracy rate within the RSLAF.

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