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studiosus, which lives in fruit trees, can damage the plant due to its habit of gathering leaves of several branches with gossamer threads, thus providing shelter for other pests that remain protected against insecticides.
Orbe bonus toto passim laudabilis heros, inclytus in regno, fretus caelestibus armis, laude triumphator, dudum super aethera notus, iure patrum solio feliciter inclitus heres, pacificus rector, patiens dominator et aequus, praelatus multis, humilipietate superbus, providus ac sapiens, studiosus in arte librorum.
Werner Kubsch believed in lifelong education and made it the cornerstone in his development of Studiosus Reisen.
The 1677 edition of Francis Holyoke's A Large Dictionary has separate entries for both Patriota and Patriot: the former is 'One of the same Country, a country-man or woman', the latter, 'Civis boni publici studiosus, columen Patriae', a citizen devoted to the public good and support of the country.
En 1777, Federico Augusto Wolf fue el primero que se matriculo como studiosus philologiae en una universidad: la de Gotinga y su orientacion academica fue la Filologia Clasica.
The original closing date for entries was extended when sponsors Truluma and Studiosus Reisen raised the total prize fund by over 100 per cent from pounds 11,000 to pounds 28,000, enhancing the 16-player event to WISPA Tour Gold level.
211-12 Skutsch nec quisquam sophiam, sapientia quae perhibetur, | in somnis uidit prius quam sam discere coepit) Ennius extols his achievement as dicti studiosus, which makes him a worthy heir of epic traditions.
political muscle not the qualities of the stolid beer drinker is required and today's view of a student can no longer be satisfied by the moss-covered 'Studiosus' of the past, but rather by the man who is described as being slim as a greyhound, as tough as leather and as hard as Krupp steel'.
Under the heading of "Holiday encounters in the light of CSR", a Studiosus meeting will ask if a code of conduct is necessary and examine the role of tour operators and guests with regard to meeting local residents On 6 March 2013 the Young Professional Day will offer newcomers to the job market and academically qualified young employees in the travel industry ideas for shaping their future.
Among Anelosimus studiosus spiders, which live and spin webs by rivers and under bridges from Maine to Patagonia, females don't develop an opening to their reproductive tract until their final molt.
The mother's assistance is indispensable for the emergence of juveniles from the cocoon in lycosids (Fujii 1978; Higashi & Rovner 1975), in the subsocial theridiid Anelosimus cf studiosus (Viera et al.
La soluzione pertanto dovra tener conto della tradizione letteraria di Roma dove, sin da Ennio, filologo e dicti studiosus, il motivo della priorita diviene autocelebrazione dello scrittore, per essere riuscito ad avanzare su un percorso inesplorato nella lingua latina.