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Gamache presents readers with several underdeveloped characters that, thanks to a foolish mistake and some serious luck, stumble upon a far-fetched and convenient crime that will have even the most amateur mystery readers shaking their heads.
As the platoon marches towards Kuwait, the Marines stumble upon a nightmare traffic jam of collateral damage: bombed out buses, cars and trucks, and then the bodies--the ones that Americans back home never see--charred, burned, and blackened figures.
That said, I was appalled to be skimming through the pages of the August issue and stumble upon a Wal-Mart ad depicting an unnamed man riding on a drawn line connecting the Dickies and Wal-Mart logos.
A group of biologists stumble upon an ancient, untouched ecosystem in a labyrinthine network of caves beneath a 13th-century abbey in Romania.
South River Incident is murder mystery about a psychopathic protagonist who haunts the past and present of a woman unfortunate enough to stumble upon the body of his latest victim.
ANYONE who had the good fortune to stumble upon Sly Raccoon will by now be well aware of the fun to be had with a raccoon, a big pink hippo and bespectacled tortoise.
They stumble upon the poor invisible Ollie and face new challenges as a result in this engaging story.
The two story lines ultimately intersect when James and his boyhood friend--lover Henry Lee parachute into the German countryside as World War II soldiers and stumble upon one of Ludwig's fairy-tale palaces.
Every now and then, you stumble upon a reference book that you just don't want to put down.
And then there are those who become so fortified and determined to initiate change for the betterment of society, that, irregardless of the obstacles they may stumble upon, they find the means to remove the barriers.