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It carried a marking of anti- riot "stun grenade" manufactured at the "Border Security Force's Teknapur unit".
Waterproof stun grenades and water-and-pressure-proof radios were all strapped on as well.
TRIPOLI, Lebanon: A motorist threw a stun grenade near a hotel facing Prime Minister Najib Mikati's residence in Tripoli, a security source told The Daily Star Tuesday.
Hundreds of Israeli police in riot gear stormed a disputed holy site in Jerusalem yesterday, firing tear gas, stun grenades and plastic bullets to disperse Muslim worshippers throwing stones and shoes at them.
Soon after assailants threw the stun grenade it exploded with a huge noise.
Summary: An explosion heard in the Tyre region Sunday night was caused by a stun grenade, a security source told The Daily Star.
Meanwhile, photographer Dan Smallman, from London, suffered serious damage to his left leg after a stun grenade exploded at his feet in Geneva.
Might I suggest that instead of acquiescing to this lunatic's every wish (the siege has cost pounds 500,000 so far) and inconveniencing every resident in Hackney - some of whom haven't been able to get into their homes since Boxing Day - that police either inject Hall's regular deliveries of Kentucky Fried Chicken with a knock-out drug or throw a stun grenade into the flat to render him unconscious.The hostage (when he wakes up) will be grateful - and life in London can get back to normal
Reportedly, a group threw stun grenade in a canister while the police officers were patrolling the streets.
Ramallah,April 13 (Petra)-Israeli special forces on Sunday stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque via Al-Magharbeh Gate and attacked Muslim worshippers with stun grenade and rubber bullets.
A police source in Salahuddin province told (NINA) that "The police have arrested five militants threw more than 28 stun grenade near 6 polling stations in the district of Tuz east of Tikrit." The source added that "the aim of the bombings is to create terror among voters to prevent them from participating in the elections, stressing that" citizens' turnout was weak after the bombings.
Summary: An unidentified individual detonated a stun grenade near a church in the in the Beirut southern suburb of Ain al-Rummaneh over the weekend.