sua sponte

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Sua Sponte

[Latin, Of his or her or its own will; voluntarily.]

For example, when a court takes action on its own motion, rather than at the request of one of the parties, it is acting sua sponte.

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sua sponte

(sooh-uh-spahn-tay) adj. Latin for "of one's own will," meaning on one's own volition, usually referring to a judge's order made without a request by any party to the case. These include an order transferring a case to another judge due to a conflict of interest or the judge's determination that his/her court does not have jurisdiction over the case.

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sua sponte

‘of its own accord’, where the court does something without a motion from any of the parties. See EX PROPRIA MOTU.
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634.20 and a defendant objects, the court must sua sponte give a jury instruction on the proper use of such evidence, unless the defendant objects again to the instruction, the Supreme Court has ruled.
Both the plaintiffs and the court, which has "a duty to inquire [into its] subject matter jurisdiction sua sponte, even when the parties do not contest the issue," may challenge the defendants' damages allegation.
The committee reviews informal written opinions issued by the Bar's ethics attorneys and reconsiders them sua sponte if the committee deems appropriate or if the inquiring attorney seeks review of the informal staff opinion.
Ray Fuller asked the Board of Immigration Appeals to exercise its authority to reopen his removal proceeding sua sponte so that he could present new evidence in support of his request to defer his removal from this country under the Convention Against Torture ("CAT").
While it entitles the court (hearing the request for annulment) to stay enforcement, it may not do so sua sponte but only at the request of either party (Article 56.1 of the UAE Arbitration Law).
"However, sua sponte (on their own accord), the UN has the right to ask for prosecution stating it is a crime against humanity, and ask the International Criminal Court to open a probe," Koni stated, but downplayed the chances of that happening due to a possible veto of the United States - a Saudi ally - at the Security Council.
Where the plaintiffs were not given an opportunity to address easement issues raised by a Land Court judge sua sponte, the judgment was vacated and the case remanded for further proceedings.
Walters's Rule 41 notice was filed before Trustee Services served either an answer or motion for summary judgment, and Walters is entitled to dismiss sua sponte her claims against Trustee Services without prejudice.
In a rousing use of game clock management, Judge Shipp sua sponte granted summary judgment on a motion for preliminary injunction in favor of PASPA.
Published at 501 Mich ____ (2018).<br />Whether to adopt the proposed amendment of MCR 6.429 to provide trial courts with broader authority to sua sponte address erroneous judgments of sentence.<br />The court included a six-month time period in which such a correction must be made sua sponte.<br />Parties have six months to file such a motion under MCR 6.429(B)(3), and an argument can be made that if the court adopted a different time period for sua sponte corrections, the six-month period for parties would be irrelevant, as a party could simply ask the court to do sua sponte what the party could not do by motion.
He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, plus an additional 20-year sentence to be served consecutively to the second life sentence, and as a habitual offender, to an additional 25-year sentence to be served after the other sentences and without the possibility of parole.<br />In November 2010, Gallop filed an initial civil complaint alleging negligence on the part of the defendants for the April attack.<br />Upon affirmation by the Supreme Court, Gallop's final judgment of conviction entered in May 2014.<br />The civil action proceeded, and on the eve of trial in July 2016, Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft-Carter raised sua sponte the issue of G.L.
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