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A horizontal strip of size m x n pixels is manually extracted for each local feature hence making the sub-class which is used in the recognition procedure.
check] Print all possible topological MTM's combination matrixes that satisfies the logical equations for the determined sub-class of the circuits.
The moment 15 seats are sold in the Rs 6,300 sub-class the fare jumps to the next sub-class, that is Rs 7,082," said the source.
They found that inactivation of beta2 subunit, a specific sub-class of nicotinic receptors that bind nicotine, appears to reduce anxiety.
BioWare confirmed via Twitter that the sub-class Archer returns under the Rogue class with the similar specialisations from the previous game titles.
If the new sub-class is approved, a double billing would be inevitable for at least those owners.
This is the first study in humans to look at the associations between the range of flavonoids in the diet and the risk of developing Parkinson's disease and our findings suggest that a sub-class of flavonoids called anthocyanins may have neuroprotective effects," he stated.
In fact the popularity of the latest generation of cars which just ooze style is gathering so much momentum that a sub-class has been created at the top end of the market.
Search functionality to select vehicles by vehicle class, sub-class, make and/or minimum fuel economy
If we don't get our resident population with an understanding of English, then they become a sub-class, virtually unemployable or stuck in a ghetto.
The Complaint also includes at least one sub-class of class plaintiffs defined as: all vested participants in the Company's Plan who sold their shares or directed that the shares in their account in the Plan be sold to the Company from November 1, 2008 through March 31, 2009.
The action includes a sub-class of those employee benefit plans which invested with Meridian Diversified during the Class Period, asserting claims under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ("ERISA") for breach of fiduciary duty.