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SUB-AGENT. A person appointed by an agent to perform some duty, or the whole of the business relating to his agency.
     2. Sub-agents may be considered in two points of view. 1. With regard to their rights and duties or obligations, towards their immediate employers. 2. As to their rights and obligations towards their superior or real principals.
     3.-1. A sub-agent is generally invested with the same rights, and incurs the same liabilities in regard to his immediate employers, as if he were the sole and real principal. To this general rule there are some exceptions for example, where by the general usage of trade or the agreement of the parties, sub-agents are ordinarily or necessarily employed, to accomplish the ends of the agency, there, if the agency is avowed, and the credit is exclusively given to the principal, the intermediate agent may be entirely exempted from all liability to the sub-agent. The agent, however, will be liable to the sub-agent, unless such exclusive credit has been given, although the real principal or superior may also be liable. Story on Ag. Sec. 386; Paley on Ag. by Lloyd, 49. When the agent employs a sub-agent to do the whole, or any part of the business of the agency, without the knowledge or consent of his principal, either express or implied, the latter will only be entitled to recover from his immediate employer, and his sole responsibility is also to him. In this case the superior or real principal is not responsible to the sub-agent, because there is no privity between them. Story on Ag. Sec. 13, 14, 15, 217, 387.
     4.-2. Where by an express or implied agreement of the parties, or by the usages of trade, a sub-agent is to be employed, a privity exists between the principal and the sub-agent, and the latter may justly maintain his claim for compensation, both against the principal and his immediate employer, unless exclusive credit is given to one of them; and, in that case, his remedy is limited to that party. 1 Liv. on Ag. 64; 6 Taunt. R. 147.

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Loose, the sub-agent of the mixed band of the Senecas, Quapaw, and Shawnees, and Mr.
As part of the evening's presentation, Dadabhai Travel's Managing Director Aziz Gilitwala announced that the Al Tayyar Travel Group is to be Dadabhai's authorized sub-agent for the sale of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Official Hospitality Programme in Saudi Arabia.
Dadabhai Travel has appointed Oman's Travel Point as its authorized sales sub-agent for the sale of the 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia Official Hospitality Programme in the sultanate.
Brittany Fuller works closely with master agencies throughout the country to help increase their sub-agent recruitment and train them on revenue-generating products like Broadview's award-winning OfficeSuite UC(TM) solution.
It added that authenticity of the group organizers could also be checked through nearest Haji camp, and to avoid fraud, Hajj dues should not be paid to any irrelevant person, sub-agent or institution.
Tapping USSC's wide distribution reach-with 780 outlets and over 700 key sub-agent locations nationwide-Mantaring said Sun Life's goal was to serve five million Filipinos by 2020, as part of its 'Rise PH' campaign on greater financial inclusion.
It will provide acquisition capital to purchase portfolios or sub-agent residuals, marketing capital to purchase terminals or fund marketing campaigns and will purchase ISO residual streams of any size and on any platform.
TravRays has a Business on Agent office (BOA) which is a fully integrated ERP solution, GSA, Sub-Agent and Reseller model.
MSCCGMFL) to undertake minimum support price (MSP) operations as a sub-agent of the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) during the cotton season 2014-15.
While many residents say they don't mind giving commission to an authorised broker or realty firm, they feel paying such big sums to a dubious agent or sub-agent, who does not have the required licence and also does not operate from a proper office, is unjustified.
The expansion was helped by the recent technology advances and new agent and sub-agent signings, including an agreement with the Mauritius Post Office to offer money transfer services at more than 100 locations.
The money transfer service achieved hit its milestone after inking an agreement with the Mauritius Post Office to offer MoneyGram an its more than 100 locations, but also cites recent technology advances and an aggressive series of new agent and sub-agent signings.