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Each clan is divided into smaller clans that, in turn, divide into sub-clans (Hirsch & Oakley, 1995).
10) Somalia today faces several contingent clan issues, such as the discrimination of the Ayr sub-clan of the Hawiye against Benadiris in Lower Shabelle, the wider discrimination of minority clans, and the issue over the control of the southern port of Kismayo, the latter putting the Ogaden clan against the government in Mogadishu, a government that many Ogaden clan members consider dominated by the Hawiye clan family.
The objective of the present study was to conduct an ethnomedicinal survey among the Tudu sub-clan of the Kisku clan of the Santal tribe in Joypurhat district of Bangladesh.
Where sub-clan hamlets are separated by bush any sense of isolation, or that the separation is too great, may be subject to moral commentary as a threat to the unity of those who should be inside.
Dozens of members of the Al-Ghul family, a sub-clan of the larger Al-Fuwakhiria tribe of North Sinai, protested outside Sinai University preventing students from entering and taking their final exams for their first term.
145) Citing the Benin/Niger case as ICJ precedent (146) and the All-Africa People's Conference (147) as historical justification, Puntland could present disparate clan distribution evidence demonstrating that Puntland is composed solely of the Harti sub-clan, while Somaliland is composed of the Isaq clan.
In contrast to the clan, the sub-clan is an important social unit whose members are obliged to provide mutual support.
Traditional Somali marriages used to be long-planned, intricately arranged affairs normally determined by clan and sub-clan elders.
In the capital, Mogadishu, the city was carved into neighborhoods controlled by sub-clan based warlords.
Clan, sub-clan, warlord, and faction-based clashes continued with a number of prominent groups within Mogadishu, to include a faction of the United Somali Congress (USC) led by Muhammad Qanyare Afrah; another faction of the USC led by Muse Sudi Yalahow; the USC/Somali Salvation Alliance led by Umar Finish; and the Somali National Alliance (SNA) led by Usman Hasan Ali Ato.
Barre maintained his power, domestically, by brutally silencing his opponents and relying on his Darod clan, and its Marehan sub-clan.
Kahin's actions especially were significant as he represented the first senior member of Gouled's ethnic group (Issa) and sub-clan (Mamassan) to openly break with the government.