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Each clan is divided into smaller clans that, in turn, divide into sub-clans (Hirsch & Oakley, 1995).
Sabri Al-Ghul, a member of the sub-clan, stated that they would use peaceful methods of resistance until they had their land returned to them.
The Harti are a sub-clan of the widely dispersed Darod family and are located in Northeast Somalia, which is present-day Puntland.
Within the web of clan and warlord conflicts, General Morgan and his forces historically clashed with the Jubba Valley Alliance led by Colonel Bare Hirale and Dabare and Luway sub-clans both from the Digil-Mirifle clan.
General Muhammad Farah "Aideed" and Ali Mahdi Muhammad, both members of different sub-clans of Hawiye and of the United Somali Congress overthrew Barre in a coup, but conflicts left more than 14,000 Somalis dead.
But Ghandi, who not only comes from the diaspora but also a minority sub-clan in the area, faces potential reluctance of neighbor Ethiopia and the Somali government to back his efforts.
The seed of Somalia's problems is clan-versus-clan violence, and one criticism that Gedi, 55, was never able to shake was that he did not wield much clout, even within his own sub-clan, the Abgal.
This tradition, however, varies from family to family or from sub-clan to sub-clan; some sub-clans offer foods only in the morning of the first day of the New Year.
As his senior descendants, the leaders of Faureba might claim a voice in decisions affecting all these lands, but as the Faureba people were not descended from the founders of the other lands, their claim to them was only as 'brothers' of the sub-clan leaders whose own ancestors had settled there.
There were about two dozen pirates involved in the piracy led by Ise Yulxu from sub-clan Ali Saleeban of Majertan clan," the Somali report added.
Over the years, the Acok clan has continuously been having conflict with the Awan sub-clan.
One senior government official said Sharmarke looked to have heeded appeals from the president's Abgal sub-clan for more influence.