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However, this variation is caused by a recessive gene in the species, and is not another sub-species of cheetah (University of Michigan Museum of zoology, year unknown).
They commissioned the study as an effort to save the increasing number of native and transplanted western cougars belonging to the Florida sub-species, Puma concolor coryi.
Przewalski horses or, to use their Mongolian name, Takhi, are the world's only verifiably wild horses, a sub-species genetically distinct from any other equine.
In fact there are seven sub-species of this tree and the one which concerns the author most is the Aquilaria malaccensis which is harvested by the Penan of Kalimantan.
It's important to their gene pool if we want to keep the sub-species of goats alive,'' said Norman Phillips, park superintendent.
There are many sub-species of the parasite in different regions of the world, including India, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and South America.
These data are also compared by sexes among the sub-species.
And within each category many different individual teas are made from two sub-species of the tea plant.
Each year prior to 1996, more than 15 million non-native rainbow, brook and brown trout, and non-native sub-species of cutthroat trout, were stocked in Colorado's 24,000 miles of streams.
Olympic National Park in Washington could be considered, but in other parks, such as Isle Royale National Park in Michigan and Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota, aggressively territorial timber wolf packs would likely kill any newcomers, especially those of a different sub-species.
Sagebrush species and sub-species are the most abundant native shrubs in North America.