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SUB-TENANT. The same as under-tenant. See Under-leaser; Under-tenant, and 1 Bell's Com. 76.

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However, if you have the written consent from the owner of the apartment to sub-lease the rented premises, then you can initiate legal action against the sub-tenant for non-payment of rent.
Remarking on the development, Omar Al Mesmar, general manager of DIP, said: "The spurt in the number of sub-tenants in the January-April 2017 period is a very encouraging sign for DIP's growth plans.
In the case of Frozen Value Ltd v Heron Foods Ltd, the Court of Appeal overturned the lower court's verdict and held that a intermediate landlord who opposed a lease renewal by his sub-tenant on the ground (g) failed because although he had been in actual occupation of the premises for a period of more than five years he had not been the competent landlord throughout the whole of that time.
Several sub-tenants moved--at least temporarily--out of Marin.
In light of the above, before handing over the rent monies, any sub-tenant is strongly advised to protect their position by ensuring that they see a copy of the original tenant's registered lease, the original landlord's
Former sub-tenant, Lincoln Property Company, also converted its 2,357 s/f space into a direct lease.
Ms Poulton decided to re-occupy the offices when the sub-tenant vacated and told her landlord, Pointon York Group, of her intention.
Customers can centrally track lease agreements and obligations such as operating expenses, use and covenants, provisions, property details, sub-tenant details, and payment structures while creating rules, permissions and alerts for all departments involved in real estate leasing and planning.