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SUB-TENANT. The same as under-tenant. See Under-leaser; Under-tenant, and 1 Bell's Com. 76.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Committee chair councillor Nicky Brennan confirmed the application, satisfied there was 'no link' between the leaseholders, the applicants and immigration problems of the previous sub-tenants.
The law provides that in the event an eviction order is issued against a tenant of a residence or a shop the order is not enforceable against any sub-tenant unless the court is satisfied that the tenant was prevented from sub-letting the premises under the tenancy agreement.
Remarking on the development, Omar Al Mesmar, general manager of DIP, said: "The spurt in the number of sub-tenants in the January-April 2017 period is a very encouraging sign for DIP's growth plans.
The legal definition of a competent landlord is easy to understand where there are no sub-tenants, but if sub-tenants exist then it is more complicated.
Several sub-tenants moved--at least temporarily--out of Marin.
In light of the above, before handing over the rent monies, any sub-tenant is strongly advised to protect their position by ensuring that they see a copy of the original tenant's registered lease, the original landlord's
Ms Poulton decided to re-occupy the offices when the sub-tenant vacated and told her landlord, Pointon York Group, of her intention.
In this case, the eviction will apply to both the tenant and sub-tenant. However, the sub-tenant's right to claim a compensation from the tenant will be preserved."
Monday Properties announced three new leases at its landmarked 230 Park Avenue; and the conversion of a sub-tenant to a direct lease for a total of 15,510 s/f.