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Comparisons of the total IgG to the IgG calculated from the sum of the 4 subclasses for both the nephelometric assay and the LC-MS/MS assay is shown in Fig.
Human IgG subclasses have upwards of 80% identity between the 4 different constant-region amino acid sequences.
Our data indicate that the LC-MS/MS quantification of IgG subclasses can be performed in a single analysis with sufficient precision, analytical sensitivity, and method comparability for use in the clinical laboratory.
A panel of 27 different purified human IgG myeloma proteins of known IgG subclasses and light chain types was employed in this study.
Fc and Fab and F (ab') 2 fragments were produced from several purified human myeloma proteins of each of the IgG subclasses, by pepsin and papain digestion (16).
Briefly, microtiter polystyrene plates (Maxisorp, Nunc, Denmark) were coated with 1-10 [micro]g/ml of purified myeloma IgG subclasses or polyclonal IgG in PBS (0.
The significance Ig G subclasses and mannan-binding lectin (MBL) for susceptibility to infection in apparently healthy adults with IgA deficiency.
Distribution of IgG Subclass Levels of the Study Group Distribution of IgG values (mg/dl) by subclasses (n = 27) IgG Subclasses Below normal Between normal Over normal values values values IgG1 (Median = 936) 3.