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We recommend interpreting these results in light of the individual items included in each subdomain (Appendix SA3), as individual items have been shown to have high factor loadings (i.
The hackers have been creating what are essentially nonsensical subdomains that just contain a random collection of letters.
We also have to consider two cases: a > b, which means that the Dirchlet subdomain is bigger than Neumann subdomain, and a < b, when the Neumann subdomain is bigger than the Dirichlet subdomain.
Intercollegiate athletes felt more confident in the sport competence subdomain than did the regular exercisers and nonexercisers.
The internal consistency evaluation of the questionnaire was performed by calculation of the Cronbach's alpha coefficient; the complete questionnaire (items 1-37) and PDQL-TR subdomains had higher values than 0.
A detailed mathematical model, with the presence of plasma/nuclear membranes, was developed earlier to draw information about toxicity level of these chemical compounds in different subdomains of the cell.
But the reliabilities of subtests developed to measure subdomain performance are generally too low (Haladyna & Kramer, 2004; Luecht, Brumfield, & Breithaupt, 2006).
One strategy treated the construct of humility as a general characteristic with several subdomains such as intellectual humility (McElroy et al.
We felt that this belief fit into two separate domains ("teacher" and "instruction") and subsequently into two separate subdomains ("organization/planning" and "instructional strategies" respectively).
Fragment C or the carboxy-terminal half of HC is further subdivided in two subdomains: the proximal HcN subdomain and the extreme carboxy subdomain, [H.
In each subdomain, we are splitting the field unknowns in the following way: