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The static stress field on the interplate surface was calculated by considering the geometry of the subducted slab and the lithospheric density distribution from the 3D model by Lucke (2012).
The sub-ophiolitic metamorphic rock series were formed during intra-oceanic subduction where various parts of the subducted plate are accreted to the base of the overriding plate and subjected to variable metamorphic conditions.
This deformation led to the exhumation of the accretional basal prism in the middle Permian, and to the obduction of a part of the subducted palaeo-Pacific oceanic crust onto the Gondwana continental margin.
Also shown are the predicted former positions of mid-oceanic ridges (thin red lines), with the areas where these are subducted being highlighted in solid black.
Sigloch and Mihalynuk noticed that the shape of one slab, previously interpreted from fuzzier images as the eastern section of the Farallon plate, doesn't match what you'd expect to find if it had simply subducted beneath North America.
Most earthquakes of this kind are produced at subduction zones where an oceanic plate slides beneath another plate, known as the upper plate, and the down-going plate descends into the interior of the Earth as a subducted slab.
But Sentry had already been committed to another expedition in March, so ABE was brought back into service for a mission to explore the Chile Triple Junction, the only place on Earth where a mid-ocean ridge is being subducted (or pushed beneath) a continent (South America) in a deep ocean trench.
Rather, the worldwide success of traditional Irish music has indeed paralleled the political and economic success of the Republic, and the music in Northern Ireland--not as well championed or promoted--has been subducted in the process.
Subduction source model is the model of the seismic source, which represents the earthquake occurrence when plates are being subducted under an island arc or continent.
Some topics include: continental and oceanic lithosphere structure from long-range seismic profiling, the fate of subducted oceanic crust and the origin of intraplate volcanism, volatiles in the mantle lithosphere, deformable lithospheric plates, space and time variations of elastic and anelastic properties in the shallow lithosphere, and possible paleoshorelines and the evolution of the lithosphere on Mars.
While he and I watch, the cloud drifts away, a page tossed into the trash, and then, before we are released by the spell of it, the moon itself is incrementally subducted from the sky by an invisible black mass.