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In addition, the flat HREE patterns are also a strong argument that the magmas are not directly derived from melting of the subducted slab, because oceanic lithosphere subducted to 110 km depth would be metamorphosed to eclogite (a garnetomphacite bearing metamorphic rock).
Our discovery marks an exciting stage in earth science research as it provides the possibility to test the debated issue of whole mantle convection, the largely unconstrained heat flow from the earth's core to the mantle and the fate of the subducted lithosphere with seismic data.
Hood andesites suggest magma formation by partial melting of subducted oceanic lithosphere (adakites), rather than by partial melting of ultramafic rock within the sub-volcanic arc mantle wedge.
As the Changtang Terrane drifted northwards in the Triassic, the ocean that stretched to the north was being subducted underneath the southern Asian margin.
The area is where the Philippine Sea plate is subducted westward under the Eurasian plate on which Japan sits.
The lithosphere is subducted into the mantle causing water and certain elements to rise to the surface through volcanic activity.
In Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture, crustal strains are building up as the Philippine Sea Plate is subducted under the Eurasian plate on which Japan sits, according to Matsumura.
Despite Hardin's fears, however, there are safe ways to dispose of long-lasting nuclear wastes, such as deep-ocean dumping in which nuclear waste products would be isolated from the biosphere in thick mud for thousands of years until they were subducted under the continental shelves.
They provide us with valuable information on the mineral assemblages, fluid inclusions, microstructures, rheologies, major and trace element chemistries, stable and radiogenic isotope characteristics and timing relationships in slabs that have been subducted to depth up to some 200-250 km.
We aim to use ultrahigh-pressure experimental petrology to investigate the behaviour of subducted carbonate at pressures corresponding to the deep upper mantle, the mantle transition zone and the uppermost lower mantle.
The Pacific plate is subducted into the mantle, south of Japan, beneath the Izu-Bonin and Mariana island arcs, which extend more than 3,000 km along the eastern margin of the Philippine Sea plate.